past comes back

stumbling down the dark street I giggle at nothing in particular. Still coming down off the buzz of my last drink I'm suddenly sober when a icy hand clutches my upper arm tightly. Pulling me into their chest I felt A knife dig into my neck. "Just be quiet and do as I say and this might go your way" A deep voice whispered in my ear. I shivered as his lips brushed the tip of my ear when he spoke...


3. chapter three

He towered over me as I shivered in the corner. my clothes were so torn that i was basically naked. I was covered in bruises and I was living in hell. "get up. you know what to do" the voice of Harry commanded. bending over I whimpered at the pain. bracing myself for what was going to happen next I held in my screams. it was the same thing every time. I get pain he gets pleasure. everyday I woke up and found i was still alive much to my disappointment. slapping my back Harry left my to cry myself to sleep again....

walking around aimlessly I let the tears fall. spotting a cafe just down the quiet street i walked over it has i cleaned myself up. "why do you run from me gorgeous?" said the deep voice that could only belong to Harry. clenching my fists I spun to face him. "you ask me that after all you did to me!!! I run because you ruined my life! your face is the is the one that haunts my at night. the one that I dread to see in the day. the one that might have the world fooled but not me! no not me, I see the monster behind it all. I will not let the fear take over!!!" spitting in his face I ran. his angry protest yell my name as he follows behind. I run in till I’m blinded with tears and the foot steps have stopped following. collapsing on the ground I curl up into a ball and cry myself to sleep as i did those endless nights.

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