past comes back

stumbling down the dark street I giggle at nothing in particular. Still coming down off the buzz of my last drink I'm suddenly sober when a icy hand clutches my upper arm tightly. Pulling me into their chest I felt A knife dig into my neck. "Just be quiet and do as I say and this might go your way" A deep voice whispered in my ear. I shivered as his lips brushed the tip of my ear when he spoke...


6. chapter six

"Louis I'm home" His deep voice called as Harry entered the house. Sharing panicked looks, Louis shhed me and called back, "Hey Hazza, a package came for you, It's in your room." Still holding a finger to my lips, we waited for a reply. "Ok" Harry called. Motioning for me to follow Louis leads me outside. Shutting the door silently behind us we kissed, not knowing that Harry was behind the curtain watching, observing.

For the first time in weeks I had a peaceful sleep. no nightmares, no horrific memories. Just sleep. When i woke up I was happy. I turned up some music, sung and danced around. hearing a knock at the door I stopped, Grabbed a knife. Hiding it behind my back I opened the door. "Hey beautiful" A smiling Louis said while holding a bunch of wild flowers. "Oh mi gosh Louis they are Gorgeous!" I exclaim. Putting the knife down I saw a Flash of worry cross his face when he noticed it. "Don't worry, it was incase you were Harry." I said givving him a kiss and leading him into the kitchen, where we danced and sung, basicly had a mini party. Suddenly A slow song came on and Louis wrapped his arms around my waist. pulling him even closer  I laid my head on his shoulder  as we slow danced around the kitchen. Finally the song ended sooner than either of us wanted. Taking my face between his hands he whispered "I love you" then he kissed me sweetly but soon enough we had deepend it. Picking me up, Louis sat me on the bench and between kisses he somehow got me top off. Wrapping my legs around his waist and worked on getting his top off. When suddenly  the room went cold and the clapping started. "Wow what a great show. I wish it could go on but ya'know how it is busy, busy, busy. Isn't that right Louis?" Harry's evil voice taunted. Gasping Louis spins around and Puts me behind him. "What do you want Harry?" Louis said with such fury I was surprised the room didn't set alight. Walking futher into the room Harry pouted his lip."Alisse, Why do you let louis get all the fun when i can treat you better? And Louuis your my best friend, my brother, and you took the one girl I want. Why would you do that?" Coming even closer to us i saw a glint of silver in his hand. God how could I have been so stupid. The knife i had left in the hall. Putting a finger on Louis back I spelt out knife. Several times over, He stiffend. 'He must've seen it' I thought. "Harry, You have plenty of other girls, why would losing this one be such a big deal?" Louis questioned while kepping an eye on the knife. "Because i made this one mine. I want her, I like her. Shes everything. AND.SHES.MINE!" Anger flashed through his eyes. then he did the unthinkable. He stabbed himself. "I would go through all the pain in the world for you Alisse." Harry grunted through clenched teeth...

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