past comes back

stumbling down the dark street I giggle at nothing in particular. Still coming down off the buzz of my last drink I'm suddenly sober when a icy hand clutches my upper arm tightly. Pulling me into their chest I felt A knife dig into my neck. "Just be quiet and do as I say and this might go your way" A deep voice whispered in my ear. I shivered as his lips brushed the tip of my ear when he spoke...


4. chapter four


"hey" a voice in the distance said "hey! are you alright?" the voice was louder this time. Someone was now shaking me. Opening my eyes I saw a brown haired, blue eyed boy leaning over me with concern wrtten all over his face. Smiling weakly i sat up. taking in my surroundings I realised that i was still in the street where I had cried myself to sleep. sharkerly standing up i manged a few secounds before my legs gave way from under me. Catching me the boy gave me a lopsided smile. "lets take you back to mine and you can get some sleep. my manes louis by the way." "ok. I'm alisse." i told him as he carried me to his car.

"come out, come out where evr you are" harry's voice taunted. I held my breath as I hid in the closet. The door was open ajar and I watched him walk slowly around the room with the evil smile. "Harry. shes not here. give up. shes gone." anothe voice claimed as it came into the room. A boy walked into the room. he was older than Harry, he had blue eyes and floppy brown hair. Yelling in frustration harry stormed out of the room leaving the other boy behind. glancing towards where I was hidden he let a sigh of relief escape his lips. slowly walking towards me he looked back at the door then whispered. " Harry and the others are having a boys night tonight. stay right where you are and ill then help you escape once they're gone."

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