past comes back

stumbling down the dark street I giggle at nothing in particular. Still coming down off the buzz of my last drink I'm suddenly sober when a icy hand clutches my upper arm tightly. Pulling me into their chest I felt A knife dig into my neck. "Just be quiet and do as I say and this might go your way" A deep voice whispered in my ear. I shivered as his lips brushed the tip of my ear when he spoke...


5. chapter five

Snuggling deeper into the blankets, I breathe in the scent of the boy who saveed my life a second time. Letting a sigh escape my lips I fall asleep to the sound of Louis humming.

A sigh left my lips without meaning to. Freezing I count silently to one hundred before relaxing again. I sat, ready to run at any point, waiting for the bay to help me get free. Finally after what felt like hours, I hear his voice. “Alisse?” Getting up I open the door and slowly inch my way out. Slowly stepping forward the boy spoke “I waited an hour after they left before i came up here. My name is Louis by the way.” he smiled kindly in a way that lit up his eyes. Glancing around the room I listed weapons and exits . Slowly removing myself completely form the closet I stare wearily at the hand Louis held out at me. grabbing my hand I prepare myself for a fight as I pull away. That was untill I looked in his eyes and saw that he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Alisse? Are you ohkay?” Louis asked with concern written all over his face. “you were crying” he added while wiping a tear away. “Yes I’m fine. I was just dreaming.” I pause choosing my next words carefully. “I remember you. your that boy that saved me from Harry. Thank you. I owe you my life.” tears streamed down both mine and Louis faces. “you don’t owe me anything. I felt something when I first saw you and I still feel it now. I-I…I think I love you. When Harry came home and yelled I found her, I knew he was talking bout you. but since I got you first he cant touch you. I can make you even safer if you become mine. so will you? become mine?” Capturing his lips in a kiss I had longed for I told him yes.

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