The Love I've Been Waiting For

Its about a girl named Emily who meets Harry and becomes very close. Harry's friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Nail dont like her they can either let her in the family or does Harry have to move out and find his own place to stay with Emily


6. The party

When i go into the house my mom was running around the house going crazy trying to find her party dress. I went into my room and yelled from upstairs to downstairs "MOM I FOUND YOUR DRESS U MUST HAVE PUT IT IN MY ROOM!" She ran up the stairs said "Thank you." She ran ran back down the stairs put on some black heels and left the house. I got a text from Harry saying: Hey babe:) I was wondering if u wanted to go to a party tomorrow at 7:00 i will pick you up at 6:00! I texted back: Yes that would be fun!:) see you at 6 then! I started jumping up and down because I haven't gotten asked to a dance since 2 years ago, I've always went with my friends. So i started picking out everything that i had that was cocktail attire but not to short and slutty. So i picked out this pink diamond strapless dress that my dad got me for the father and daughter dance, since tomorrow night i am going to spend my night with a boy i thought i would wear a special dress i got from a special person. I got these 4 inch slicer heels a wand so i could curl my hair. I thought i would pick out all my stuff so i can just get changed in the morning. So after a while it started to get late so i got in the bed started texting Harry about the party and was smiling and laughing at what he was texting. Every time i text him i get so cheesy.

Harry's POV
When I text Emily i feel like she has made a part in my life that wasn't filled in before i started feeling very weird because i started picturing us doing some nice things with each other. I wanted to give her all my love tomorrow night! So i went online and started to fined a hotel that was close to the party club that we were going to. I rented out a suite for 3 days. That was enough time! She started texting me that she was getting tired so i said goodnight with a kissy face and put my phone on the charger.

Emily's POV

The night went by fast and the the morning went by slow. I woke up about 12:30 in the afternoon. I didn't have my liscence so i just took my moms car to a near by WhatABuger and got me some pancakes, bacon, and eggs. After i at it was about 1:30 when i got back to the house I hopped on the couch and started to watch E! News. I got a text from Myliegh saying: Want to come to a party with me? I texted back: No i have to go to a party with Harry sorry:( she replied back: Harry?? Harry Styles?? I texted back: its a lone story!:) I'll tell u later! Gtg byeeeezzzz!! After that it was about 3:30 and i got a little bored so i went to the gorgecy store so i can get some food in the house but i spent so much time in there i got back at the house at 5:00 so u went to go take a bath! When i got out i only has 1 hr to get ready so i lotioned up out in my make up and put in my dress. I put in my IPHONE 4s into the iHome dock station and started to play some music. It was about 6:03 when i heard a knock on my door so i put on y heels grabbed my little purse and opened the door all i saw was Harry's eyes get big and said " You look BEAUTIFUL!" I said "Thanks. You don't clean up bad yourself!" So then we hoped into his Camaro and drove out of my drive way the way there he was touch me all over and when we go to the party he leaned over and kissed me on the lips but i backed away and said " Save that for later i just did my make up." I giggled and he did as well. When we walked into the party there we different colored lights flashing ever where, there were people dance on each other and people were even humping each other. I started dance and Harry came behind me and started dance behind then next thing you now i had a couple of drinks and his tongue and my tongue were in each others mouths while we were litterally humping each other. Then we left the club and drove to this hotel not to far from the club.
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