The Love I've Been Waiting For

Its about a girl named Emily who meets Harry and becomes very close. Harry's friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Nail dont like her they can either let her in the family or does Harry have to move out and find his own place to stay with Emily


5. The Park And My First Kiss

When i got to the park i saw Harry on the bench right next to the slide, I walked over there and sat next to him. I said "Hi! How are you?" He said "Good! Love.... Thanks for asking! How are u?" I said "Good!" We started talking about our families and how we wanted a lot of kids and about recent love lives. After that he asked me "Where is your dad?" I started to get tears in my eyes and my throat started  to harden, I had to clear my throat before i talked. "He died in a car accident last year." I said as tear were rolling down my face. He pulled me into his arms and comforted me. I was sobbing into his shoulder i felt kind of bad, but at the same time i felt happy. After i was done crying he wiped the tears off my face and said " Love u don't need to cry your beautiful i want you to be happy i really like you!" Before I knew it his lips were on mines my eyes were closed and we were kissing so passtionatly. We were making out the next minute. Harry started holding me and sat me on his lap. I could feel how much he was in love by the way his body felt, i put my hands threw his curly brown hair. I could feel his hangs move to my butt. i pulled my lips away and said "You are really easy to get in love!" he laughed and  peaked my lips softly. it was getting sort of late so i told him i was going to head home he was so nice he walked me home. When we go to my front door i said "Bye." when i was opening the door he spun me around and kissed me on my lips passtionate again. Harry said "Bye." I giggled and closed the door.

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