The Love I've Been Waiting For

Its about a girl named Emily who meets Harry and becomes very close. Harry's friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Nail dont like her they can either let her in the family or does Harry have to move out and find his own place to stay with Emily


3. That Special Text

When I got home I looked at my phone and I got a message from Harry saying "Hi! Love. How was meeting me today?" I started screaming and jumping up and down! I didn't really think Harry was going to text me. I wanted to text back as soon as possible but i had to take a bath and make dinner because it was my week. I hopped in the shower and all i could think about is the text message i got from Harry. I went into the kitchen and my mom had already made dinner. I was so happy that i could text him back. So i said "It was good! I really like you and u have some good abs LOL :)" He texted back "Thanks want to meet up sometime at the park?" I was so suprised he wanted to meet up with a brown headed, brown eyed person like me? I went back into the kitchen amd told my mom what Harry said. My mom said "That is great what day and time?" I was really suprised she said that. I replied to her "Ummmmm.......???? I'm not sure but ill ask u him tomorrow!" So the rest of the day i texted Harry. We texted until like 3 A.M. He said that he had to wake up early, so i just let him go to sleep.

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