The Love I've Been Waiting For

Its about a girl named Emily who meets Harry and becomes very close. Harry's friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Nail dont like her they can either let her in the family or does Harry have to move out and find his own place to stay with Emily


4. Freedom

I looked at my phone to see if i got a text from Harry and he did he told me what time to meet  up with him. I ran down the hallway and down the stairs. I tired to jump over the chew toy that my dog had left on the stairs but it was a fail, I had tripped and fell on my back. I slide and hopped up and down the stairs as i was falling. When i got up I had one big bruise,it was alright because I was to excited about meeting Harry at 3:30 at the park. After all that happened i went into my mom's room and saw her laying there, I woke her up and told her what time. She said "Okay! But if you are going to start meeting this boy I dont want u walking to where he is or having me drop you off this is your own love life and you need to learn how to drive." I looked at her with a shocking look. "Okay." I said as I hopped out of her room."

Mom's POV

I really don't want her to grow up this fast but it is her time to leave the house and do her own things now. She hasn't had a love life in like FOREVER! I want her to be happy. I get a text from her saying: Can i learn how to drive right now so when i go to the drivers test i will do good? Tears came into my eyes I tried not to let them roll down my face but I couldn't help it. I was an emotional mother I didn't want my baby to grow up that fast. Ever since her dad died I was really protective but I don't know why Im being so free right now.

Emily's POV

I was really suprised that my mom is letting me do all this stuff because ever since my dad died, she has been more protective. It was about 3 o'clock right now, I thought that it would really be nice if i got dressed and put on some new clothes. I decided since from my house it was about a 10 min walk i would start walking at 3:20.

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