The Love I've Been Waiting For

Its about a girl named Emily who meets Harry and becomes very close. Harry's friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Nail dont like her they can either let her in the family or does Harry have to move out and find his own place to stay with Emily


1. Concert

I was in in my room with my headphones plugged in my ears listening to 1D. I was so excited I couldn't waiting til 8 o'clock to get ready for the concert, I had backstage passes so I could meet them! The time was going on and on and on, I feel asleep for about 30 minutes then i woke up to the sound of " Cause you've got that one thing!" So I hopped out of the bed raced in the shower and got right out, then i went in my closet to look for my skin tight pink sprakley dress and got my sliver heels out.I went to my mirror and looked and my face seeing what was wrong about it. OMG I FORGOT TO PUT ON MAKEUP AMD DO MY HAIR!!! So I rushed in the bath room put my hair up in a neat little side ponytail. I also put some foundation,mascara,and blush on. I looked at my phone and it was 9 o'clock and the concert starts at 9:30 so I screamed to my mom "IM READY LETS ROLL OUT! We went to my friend Myliegh's house to pick up Myliegh, Julia, Tristen and Ceciley. When they got in the car we started taking pictures and posting them on Facebook and Instagram. When we go to the concert the parking lot was filled with girls wearing heels, short dresses, pencil skirts and booty short. When we parked we got out if the car and walked into the concert

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