A hunting for a dream

Grace Lynn's life is filled with trouble. Her aunt's cancer has brought her down. She doesn't get along with her dad or his girlfriend. Life's been tough when Grace soon realises things. She doesn't have a perfect body. She doesn't have enough friends. She doesn't have the things other people have. Grace gets angry at the world. Will she fall in love and realise there's better things in life, or will she have more suicide thoughts and go through with it?


1. Chapter 1

   I hate everything. I really do. My dad doesn't understand me. How many times do I have to cry for someone to hear me out? I'm fucking sick of it. My life's been a bummer since my aunt... she has cancer... or had...

   I was at the hospital visiting her. I hadn't seen her in 2 weeks because of school work. I brought her flowers I picked from my grandmother's garden. My dad had to go to a very important meeting, and told me he'd catch up at the hospital as soon as it was over. He dropped me off at the curb. I hugged and kissed him goodbye. "I'll call you when the meeting is over," he said. "Okay. Good luck..." I replied. I was a little disappointed he couldn't come see my aunt with me. I walked into the hospital and went to the front desk. There was a lady with brown curly hair. Maybe the age of 32... 34? 36? She didn't look too old. She looked up at me from the stack of papers she was sorting out. "How can I help you, Grace?" she asked. She looked familiar. I didn't know how she knew my name, but I've seen her around. Everyone at the hospital knew my name. I've been to the hospital plenty of times. Broken bones, surgeries, etc. "Here to visit my aunt again," I smiled. The lady behind her walked up to me with a sad look on her face. "Mmm mmm mmm, Grace," she said, "your aunt isn't looking too good." We both shared a sigh. "May I please see her? She could die any day.." I looked down. "Go right ahead. You know which room."

   I took the elevator to my aunt's room. 56B. I walked down the hall and heard a lady crying. Screaming, even. Over some guy named John. "No!" she cried. "No, John! John!" Frightened, I knocked on the door my aunt was in and came in. There she was, lying on her bed. The "death bed" she had called it. I told her not to speak like that. "Hey auntie mumsies," I smiled and dragged a chair beside her bed. I've called her mumsies every since I was a little girl. She slowly looked at me. Her face expression was horrible. She looked like she was in pain. She half way smiled. "Hey, darling..." her voice trailed off. "They treating you good here?" I quickly asked. "Yes.." her voice trailed off again. I saw a tray of food beside her table desk beside the bed. "Why haven't you eaten anything?" I asked quickly again. Auntie mumsies tried to sit up. "Grace..." her voice sounded weak. You could tell she was extremely sick. We all knew she was dying, but I wouldn't make myself believe it. And she knew it, too. "You know I'm really sick... and you have to -" she coughed really hard. Her eyes started to water. I stared at her. "You have to understand, this might be it." I rose from my seat. "What do you mean this is it!? You can't leave me now!" I half way yelled. I realised how loud I was and sat back down. "I'm not going anywhere. But I am very sick..." her voice trailed off. "I know..." I whispered. Tears rolled down my eyes. "You know I am going to fight this as much as I can. I love my life. And you know that." she coughed again. "I love you, auntie," "I love you too, Grace." she smiled. I handed her the flowers. "I picked these at grandmother's garden. Aren't they beautiful?" my voice sounded like a 5-year-old's. "They are beautiful, Grace. Thank you so much," she set the flowers beside her. There was an awkward silence. I heard my aunt wheezing. She looked at me with big eyes and started choking. I rose up from my seat. "What's going on!? Are you okay!? Want me to call the doctor!?" I panicked. She was breathing hard. I just stood there. What the fuck was wrong with me!? Do something! I screamed in my head. Suddenly, my aunt lay still. Her eyes closed. Beep... beep. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Doctors came rushing in and pushed me aside. "What's going on!?" I screamed. "What's happening!? Someone fucking answer me!" I was crying hard. "Someone get her out of here!" a doctor called. "Got it!" another doctor answered and grabbed my arms. "Let go of me! Aunt mumsies!" I screamed. More doctors grabbed me and pulled me out of the room. I fell to the ground screaming and crying. This can't be happening. Why me? No.. no...

   I lost my best friend that day... It's been 3 weeks and everyone's been silent in the family. No one to talk to. Silent meal times at dinner. No happy moments in the house. What was going on? My aunt wasn't dead... nope. I'm not going to make myself believe that. No... She's dead, Grace. Deal with it. I heard a voice in my head say. No.. she's still alive. At the hospital. Waiting for me to see her. No, she's not, Grace. She's gone. Forever.



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