Stand Up (complete/ being edited)

This story is about Magenta who is abused by her dad and gets found by a certain One Direction member. When meeting all of the boys will she fall for one of them? Or will she just stay friends? READ IT!......peaz?


23. Chapter 18

Magenta's pov

I wake up to voices around me but don't open me eyes. Im not sitting anymore, my head is laying on someone's lap. I can feel the sofa under me. 

 "She falls asleep everywhere doesn't she?" asks a voice I believe is Louis laughing. "We had to carry her in here"

"She's always seems really tired doesn't she?" another voice, Zayn asks.  

"Says the one who is always complaining about being tired."  jokes ummm Liam I believe.

Feeling something touch my cheek I instantly flinch back.I hear someone sigh from above. Niall maybe.

"Why does she do that in her sleep?"Harry asks."She has done that about a million times since she fell asleep. It's worse when you try touching her."  

"I don't know but Zayn, I've been wanting to ask you this... Do you like Magenta?" Niall asks quietly.   

"No,I don't even know why we snogged so much.Im pretty sure it was a 'in the moment' type of thing. I don't think she meant it either." he replies. I have no idea why I snogged Zayn. I don't even like him, he's like my brother..That I kissed... Awkward.

"Oh, well that's..Umm cool"Niall says awkwardly. These lads are all about the awkwardness aren't they?  

"Do you like her Niall?" Louis asks.

", no I don't"Niall stutters making my heart fall out and to the floor where it breaks into a million tiny pieces a tear slips out of my eye.Trying to hide it I turn over.

"Well that's an awkward position..." What? What's awkward now? "Can you maybe help me?" Niall asks one of the lads.  

"Umm yeah, that IS awkward" says Liam and I hear him get up and walk over to us.  

"Did she really just turn over and put her face in your..." Harry starts but stops and starts laughing. I realise where my face is and I want to jump up but Im being lifted.  

"Do you want me to put her into my room?" Liam  

"No, I'll put her in my room. Im going to bed anyways" Niall says. Liam passes me over to him. He's really warm so I instantly snuggle closer to him. I feel him walking up the stairs and to what I presume is his room. I can still feel the tear on my cheek and in my eyes. I then feel the soft sheets under me and the duvet being placed over me. I hear him shuffling around the room. The other side of the bed suddenly sinks down startling me. I try my hardest not to flinch. I turn away from his side of the bed and snuggle the duvet. He gently places his arm around me and pulls me to him.  

"Magenta?" Niall whispers "Magenta are you awake?" I don't answer and pretend to still be asleep. "I know you're asleep, but I have to admit it to you. I know if you were awake I wouldn't be able to say it. So  here it goes... I did mean  what I said earlier." wow that hurt "I don't like you" just rub it in Jesus! "I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. What I said out there was me trying to hide my feelings. I knew if I told the lads they would make fun of me. I am Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with you. 😉 I knew this since the moment you ran into the kitchen away from Harry and Louis. I love you."  

I open my eyes slowly and turn to face Niall. He has a look of shock on his face but was quickly replaced by worry.  

"Oh shit! Magenta? I thought you were asleep..." He says fast sounding worried"I-I knew you didn't feel the same way" He says with his head down.

He starts to get out of the bed.   He was almost out of the bed but I grab his hand. Niall stops and looks down at me in shock "I love you too Niall, I really do." I whisper I pull him down onto the bed. He pulls the duvet over us.

We lay on our sides and look into each others eys. His eyes kept flickering to my lips then back to my eyes. I slowly move forward and he follows my action. When our lips meet I feel electricity and sparks fly through my body. The kiss was short but passionant. We look at each otherfor a few seconds before Niall reaches out and tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear.  

"I love you my Princess." he says pecking my lips "Lets get some sleep. Harry called Kaya and said she would be here tommorrow with her friends." I nod.  

Turning my back to him, he slides his arms around me.   "I love you Niall, good night." I say quietly beginning to slip into sleep.  

"Good night Princess, sweet dreams." he whispers kissing my temple.  

*** Hey my lil cupcake!! Sorry for not uploading earlier. I was on spring break in Missouir and didn't have internet. But here is chapter 18 and 19 will be on its way. I have a new story up check it out please?? It's called One Way or Another or Can it be Both.   

Much Love~ MAX

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