Stand Up (complete/ being edited)

This story is about Magenta who is abused by her dad and gets found by a certain One Direction member. When meeting all of the boys will she fall for one of them? Or will she just stay friends? READ IT!......peaz?


12. Chap 9

Magenta's POV 

I feel something grab my foot and I begin kicking and screaming. "Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!" I scream at the top of my lungs being pulled from under the bed by a guy with brown curly hair that bounces as I struggle.

I'm thrashing around rolling on the floor as the curly haired guy is grabbing at my legs. I then kick the guy in the wrong "area" and he drops to his knees and begins groaning.

"Louis!" he shouts still laying on the ground in a beep of pain serves him right strange person-guy! 

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on in here?!" asks another guy walking into the room. He was wearing a white and red striped shirt. Which I'm guessing is Louis.

"Its a fan, she snuck in I guess." said the curly haired guy as he got up again to get me.

I get up vastly and look between Louis and the curly haired guy. Louis is slightly  I front of the door but I think I can get through.

A evil smirk plays on my face as I begin to run towards louis and right as he goes to grab me I duck and run under his arms and out the door as they stand stunned.

I turn the corner of the door and see theres a hallway that leads to stairs. I run down them almost falling on my face plenty if times but catch my self. I reach the bottom and hear that the boys are fallowing me. I looks around and see a door to what I think is the kitchen, I run and push it open. I see someone standing by the fridge door. The person turns around and has a sandwich hanging in their mouth  and a cup of juice in their hand. I run to him and push him in front of my hiding behind him as the two guys run in.

"Niall, get away from the girl!" yells curly

"Who are you? Why are you here?" asks Louis

"I,I,I" I stutter then everything goes black as something hits me in the head.

Hey! So... Another chapter up two in one night! Hells yeah! Imma thank Bliss for this she motivated me to do it! Thanks Bliss oh and go read her story! Epic story may I add yell lates! ~ MAX
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