Stand Up (complete/ being edited)

This story is about Magenta who is abused by her dad and gets found by a certain One Direction member. When meeting all of the boys will she fall for one of them? Or will she just stay friends? READ IT!......peaz?


24. chap 19

Magenta's pov

"Magenta" I hear a whisper "Magenta...babe you have to get up." I grunt and turn over. "Magentaaaa" Niall whines nudging me. I swat at him not opening my eyes. Little shit. Leave me alone! "Magenta!" he whisper yells. Mehhh Im not getting up. "If you don't open your eyes no food!!' he says triumphantly. I open my eyes and turn over facing him.

"Really Niall? Really?!!" I glare at his cheery face "Im trying to sleep! Leave me alone!" I say grumpily.

"Kaya's going to be here at 3, its 11." He says kissing my nose making me scrunch it and giggle. Damn you, you cute leprechaun!

"It's too early!" I whine "I don't get up till like 11:30!" it's only 30 minutes, but that's like a life time! I roll over and facing the other way.

"Magenta babe, Im serous you need to get up." he pulls me to his chest.

"Whyyyyy!!" man I sound like a baby

"I made lunchy, breakfast thingy, since it's like lunch time, for you." he says sighing. apon hearing this I struggle against his arms. when I get free, after a minute or two, I run out off his room, down the stairs, and to the kitchen. I sit down at the table and wait for Niall to get down the stairs to get my food. Yeah, Imma make him get it for me... Im that lazy.

Niall walks into the kitchen smirking at me.'Watcha doin?" he asks acting clueless.

"Ummm waiting" I say as if it's obvious


"My food"

"Mmmm....Really?" he asks walking over to the island where pancakes, eggs, and bacon lay on a plate. He just needs to bring it to me. "This food?" I nod smiling "You want THIS food?" he asks playing dumb. I nod again my smile still on my face.

"Mmmhm, that's the food."I say holding my hands out and make a grabbing gesture. He slowly makes his way over to me with the plate in both hands. That's right bring the food to mehh. 

"This food?" I nod again"Right here?" he points to the food. I nod again.

"Can I have it now?" I whine

"Uhmm, I don't think so..." WHAT!!!?

"What? Why not?!" I ask frantically

"Because, I haven't gotten my good morning kiss!" he replies smiling. Awwww. I get up and walk to him. I act like im going to kiss him but quickly grab the food and dash away. I sit down at the table and smile at Niall. He was looking down with the cutest sad face ever. I feel bad. I get up and walk to him. I gently grab his chin and lift it so he looks into my eyes. Which isn't that much considering im so short. I lean in and kiss his sweet lips.

I pull away smiling. "Good morning" I giggle. He smiles and pulls me into a hug. I hug back putting my face in his neck. "I love you" he whispers into my hair kissing the top of my head.

"I love you too."

"Now eat you breakfast" he laughs"Then you need to get ready"

I eat my breakfast while talking to Niall. I truly love this kid.

"alright, well imma got take a shower."I say taking my plate to the dishwasher 

"Okay hurry, Imma miss you!" he says laughing.

"I'll try." I yell running up the steps but miss one falling up the stairs. I hear Niall run to the stairs.

"Did you just fall UP the stairs?" He asks laughing   (A/N have you ever fallen UP the stairs? I do. Comment if you have please)

"Don't act like you've never fallen up the stairs!" I yell laughing. I run to the shower and get in and shower. I go to the bags the lads got me and grab underwear, a pair of jean shorts, and a white tank top with a blue glittery feather on it. I get dressed and hear girls talking down stairs. They're here! I must have took forever in the shower. Mmm, now is the time to make an entrance!

I run to the stairs and start running down them. You would think I would have learned by now, but no. I try slowing down but end up falling on my butt down the last eight steps. That hurt my ass bro, not even playing. I look up to see four shocked girls and five laughing lads.

"Are you alright?!!" screams one of the girls. She has brown hair down to her waist and dark brown eyes. (Rachel Marie)

"Lawl! yeah im perfectly fine, just hurt my butt!!" I laugh

"Did you  just say 'lawl'?" asked another girl. She was kinda tall, I mean , Im still on the floor, but I could tell she was taller than me. She had medium dark blonde gold hair, that man was I jealous of, and dark brown eyes.(Elllie)

"Yes, yes I did!" I laugh and smile.

"umm, need help there?" asks a girl with brown hair with red dip dye. Her eyes look a bit like Zayn's, pretty, them eyes be pretty. I nod smiling. She helps me to my feet. (Daphne)

"Umm, so meet any nice strippers lately?" I ask making the semi-awkward situation more awkward. This question makes everyone laugh.

"So girls, what's your guys' names?" asks Zayn looking towards the girl that helped me up.

"Well my name's Daphne" Says the girl he was looking at.

"My name's Ellie, not Ellis 😉" the tallish girl replies, she's funny

"Im Rachel Marie" Says the girl that had asked if I was alright.

"You all know me!" Kaya says winking making us laugh.

"Well, it's nice to meet you guys. Im Liam, that's Zayn Harry, Louis, and Niall." Liam says pointing at all of the boys.

"Hey, hey, hey!" I yell making everyone jump "you forgot me!! Im magenta."

"Well, I thought you could handle that part, miss 'I fall up and down the stair!" laughed Liam. How did he know I fell up the stairs!!? I look at Niall and see him shaking with silent laughter trying to supress it.

"Niall!!' I yelland tackle him to the floor. Everyone laughs at us. "I hate you!" I laugh joking.

"You love me really he says and kisses my lips softly. Everyone behind us 'awwwws' Louis wipes away a fake tear and sniffs.

"They grow up so fast!" he says fake crying.

"Shut up Louis!" Niall yells playfully.

"Okay...then. So what we doing?" asks Ellie

"I vote we do truth or dare" states Louis. Well, more like screams.

"NO" Zayn and I say at the same time. teh boys and I start laughing.

"What?" asks Daphne. But we keep laughing not being able to answer. "Serouisly, what's so funny? I wanna laugh too!"

'When Magentaand us lads played truth and dare, somethings got out of hand." Liam says sobering up form the laughig fit that the boys and I where still in.

"Like?..." pushes Kaya laughing at us because I was literally onthe floor dying. 

"Zayn and Magenta snogged like no other and Niall had to pull Magenta off of Zayn." Louis says still laughing a bit. Everyone but Daphne was laughing now. 

"You okay there love?" Zayn asks Daphne.

"Uhmm, yeah, just uh bored." she replies sadly.

'It's funny now because it meant nothing to us. Right Zayn?" I say nudging Zayn.

"Oh. Yeah! Magenta is Niall's! Not mine, she's like a sister to me" he says to Daphne like he was trying to make her feel better after a break up. hmmm some crush action right there! She seemed to feel better after that.

"Ummm, well anyone  wanna watch a movie?" asks Niall standing up. Everyone replies with a 'yes' or a 'sure'

"What movie?" I ask walking over to where they keep their movies.

"How about a scary movie?" asks Rachel Marie. Everyone agrees. "Umm how about... The Ring?" I hate movie. HATE. Im going to die.

"You guys go get the snacks" Liam says pointing at Niall and I. "You guys go get the blankets" he says pointing at Zayn and Daphne."and you guys get the pillows." He says pointing at Louis and Ellie.

"What about you and Rachel Marie?" pouts Louis.

"We'll put the movie in." he states grabbing her hand and taking her to the movies. They starting digging through them.

"To the kitchen m'lady?" asks Niall holding out his arm for me to take.

"To the kitchen my good sir." I say hooking my arm with his.


chapter 19 finished! like comment fav! much love~MAX

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