Stand Up (complete/ being edited)

This story is about Magenta who is abused by her dad and gets found by a certain One Direction member. When meeting all of the boys will she fall for one of them? Or will she just stay friends? READ IT!......peaz?


22. chap 17

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Magenta's Pov

"Well Kaya" I say looking at her name tag to make sure I heard here name right."No, but do you think I'll look good in this?" I say holding up a ugly green shirt that was completely UGLY!

"Umm no, no one could pull that shirt off. Not even a model , and that's saying a lot. I don't mean that you're not pretty because you are beautiful, it's just that shirt is really ugly." Kaya says looking at the top in disgust. I like her, honest, and she seems quite nice. she has nice style, shes pretty too. She has blonde hair with pink, purple, and blue tips, which I love! She's as short as me, which may I say is a plus.

"Well thank you ma'am that was a test!" I say smiling "and you passed"

"what was this test for?" she asks confused. 

"to meet my boys!" I say grabbing her hand and dragging her by the hand to the boys who were doing who knows what.

"Boys! I need you!" I yell "Im being hurt!" I scream. That will get their attention.

"Magenta! Magenta! Where are you?!" yelled I think Liam. Daddy Direction right there folks.

"Help, help!' I scream. I start laughing when Niall comes flying out of nowhere dragging the boys. I stop laughing when I see Niall's face, he looks really worried."Woah calm down Niall! I'm okay!" I say letting go of Kaya's hand hugging Niall.

"I-I thought someone was hurting you... I was so worried!" he says nuzzling his face  in to my neck hugging me back.

"Im alright, no one was hurting me. I was just trying to get you guys over here." I say running my hand through his hair comforting him.

"Never do that again!"Niall says pulling his face from my neck and looking me in the eyes." Never, you mean to much to me"

"Alright Niall, I wont." I say pulling out of the hug. 



"Well now that we've sorted out this out, who is this lovely lady?" Harry asks with a cheeky grin.

"well Sir. Harold, this is Kaya, Kaya these are my boys." I say gesturing to the lads. Kaya gives them a little wave smiling.

"Well I have to go back to work, but it was nice to meet you guys." Kaya says beginning to walk away.

"Wait! Can we at least get your number?" Harry says grabbing her wrist. Cough Cough desperate.

"Um sure" she pulls out her phone, her and Harry trade.

"Im pretty sure he just wants her for himself" I whisper to Niall making him chuckle and nod.

"I'll call you later, we can have a little get together with some friends you can bring someone if you want. Just not a guy, because you know, welllll....yeah... never mind just don't bring a guy."Harry says to Kaya being totally awkward.

"sure" she smiles walking away.

"I meet the nicest people..." I sigh "First I meet this cutie" I say pinching Liam's cheeks playfully" then I meet Kaya."

"Kaya...She was something" Harry sighs.

"Aww! You guys will make cute babies, I know it!" I yell hugging him "Just promise me something" I whisper to him so that only he can hear.

" Okay" ha he thinks I'll say something heart felt. WRONG! Thats just not my style.

"Name one of them after me" I pull away smirking

"Really Magenta? I thought it would be something heartfelt" Harry says laughing "But yes, I'll name one of them at least a colour for you"

"Yeah buddy!!" I yell making a lady stare at me "May I help you with something lady?" I ask annoyed. She just rolls her eyes and walks away. " yeah thats what I thought." I yell making the lads laugh.

"Lets go home I am quite tired" Zayn says walking towards the exit.

"But I didn't get any clothes !" I pout

"Oh, we did, but you were to busy meeting people" Liam says holding up at least 10 bags of clothes. Damn, thats a girls dream shopping day right there!

"How did you-" I start to say but get cut off.

"Know your size? Well I'm good at calculating women's clothes" Harry smirks at me.

"Even my bra?" I ask creeped out.

"Cup size C 38." 


"It's a pretty good size."

"woah, woah, woah!!" Niall says pulling me to his side...Dah hell?

"What? I was just saying!" Harry says putting his hands up in deference."Plus I have someone else in mind."

"Where is Zayn?" I question ignoring their bickering.

"To the car." Liam states bored.

"Well, I say we go to the car too!" I say grabbing Louis' hand again and skipping to the car with the boys following us.

Everyone settles into the car. I'm sitting on Niall's lap again I lay my head back on his shoulder. Niall rests his chin on my shoulder hugging me gently to his body.

One thought came to mind before I faded into sleep...

I LOVE Niall....

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