summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


1. summer with the boys

Hi so i am now using movellas and this is my first book so go easy and yes i do have this book on other website called wattpad anyways here it is



 ''1...2....3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 ready or not here I come'' he said and I ran. I ran as fast as my seven year old legs could carry me.

‘‘Ha caught you'' he said while hugging me and I giggled

‘‘Harry how come you could run that fast'' I said out of breath

‘‘Because I’m a super hero'' he said while making his super hero posed both hands on his hips head held up high and body twisted to the side slightly

‘‘Hey want to go to the tree house now''

‘‘Ok'' I respond and we race throw the yard and in the woods to the tree house my dad and his made last summer.

I sat on my purple bean bag chair while he sat on his green one



‘‘Will you ever get marry''

''I don't know will you''

‘‘Yes but only if I marry you''

‘‘Thanks harry I will marry someone also but it has to be you too''

‘‘Harry Annie come done for lunch'' harry mom Anne said

''coming mum'' harry yelled he got out of his chair and climb down once he finish I climb down but trip one the last two steps and I shut my eyes waiting for the fall but I never felt anything I peek one eye open and saw that harry caught me

‘‘Thanks'' I whisper

‘‘Awe look at this two smile'' my mother Angelina said. And took a Photo of us.

So here I am nine years later looking at what could be the last happiest moment in my entire life why because my mother was diagnosed with cancer two months after that picture was token and here I am side by what could be my mother death bed

‘‘Annie'' she whispered to me I had tear building up in my eyes

‘‘Yes mum''

‘‘have this'' she said while holding me a heart locket

‘‘It belong to your grandmother mum then her then me and now you''

‘‘Mum please don't go''

‘‘Annie remember I will always love you''

‘‘Love you too mum'' by now I had tear running down my checks



‘‘Can you play me a song''

‘‘Anything mum''

I walk over to the grand piano and played my mom favorite song sparrow

I started playing the song and hit the all the notes perfectly

Once I finish the song I went back to my mom side

‘‘It was beautiful darling can you promise me something''

‘‘Anything mum''

‘‘Never forget me and keep playing''

‘’I never can mum’’

Then the door open and the priest mark stood there with sadness in his eye. He has known her all her life and never thought he would be the one to bless her good bye before she passed.

‘‘Good to see you again priest mark''

‘‘As to see you too Angelina''

I step out of the room and waited out see with my dad and my aunt and uncle cry with him

‘‘Dad I don't want her to leave''

''neither do I sweet heart'' we cry for what seems like hours but was only minutes and the priest came out and we went back in the room

‘‘Mum I love you''

‘‘Annie I love you too'' she whisper and the beeping for the heart monitor beep a straight line saying she has died

We cried and cried it was raining outside and it seem like the whole world was crying

My cousin tried to comfort me but they couldn't I just wanted to be alone.

I cry myself to sleep thinking how just yesterday I had my mother alive with me just a few rooms away.

Why? Why her? Why not me?

I woke up the next day feeling terrible I look at my clock and it read 12:00 I turn on my TV and then I heard it

‘‘Isn’t she lovely'' I know that voice

‘‘Isn’t she wonderful''

‘‘Isn’t she precious''

‘‘Less than one minute old''

‘‘An I never thought through love we'd be, making one as lovely as she''

'' But isn't she lovely made from love''

‘‘No'' said Lewis a judge

''Yes'' said Nicole

''your be happy to know that I will be agreeing with Nicole'' That was the first time I smile after my mother death because my best friend was going to enter the x factor but then it drop when I realize he was going to leave me but I have to say happy for him or he won't go for his dreams


So here it is hope you like it even though it was kind of sad

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