summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


7. chapter 6


We walk in the living room while Niall and Liam argued over with movie we they prefer to watch. ‘’ no Liam we already watch toy story’’ Niall whined

‘’so you have a better idea’’

‘’No but-‘’

‘’then it settled were watching toy story’’

‘’why” Niall whined like a 5 year

“ how about we watch this means war’’ I offered  since when we were going to watch it in theater  but Jane got sick so we stay with her instead.

‘’Ow the one with the really hot British guy’’

“Jane you think all British guy are hot’’ Mellissa stated

‘’duh there accent it like you liking American dough bag’’

“Zac Efron” Hannah said dreamily thinking about her ‘fairy tale wedding’

“You just say that because of Jason” Melissa said completely ignoring Hannah

“So if one a dough bag then all are douchebag’’ I rolled my eyes

 “You do realize four of the boys are British ’’

“Oh I notice’’ she winks

‘’ok so you want to watch the movie or not’’


Lilly and Zayn went to get the movie and the rest of us set up the living room by moving the coffee table and pushing the sofas back  my phone beep and I pull it out of my back pocket and slid to see who text me.

“Who is it” Lilly ask

“Um Chris” I said surprise and replied oh one thing I forgot to mention I’m not the only child I have two older brother Chris who 21 and currently finish universities and is and I quote “living while were young’. 

And matt who 25 and is some manger of some boy band but I never got to meet them or even see who they are.

“Wait as in your brother Chris the cute one” Jane exclaimed

“Oh does janeiwannie haw a wittle cruwh” Hannah teased

“Shut up”

“Remind me to set you too up” I said

“No NO NO NO he too old for me”

“He only 21” Lilly said

“So” Jane said 

“Jane you went out with a 22 year old when you were 16” Melisa said

“Shut up you went out with a 25 year old!” Jane exclaimed

“I thought we all agree never to speak of it again and in my defense we all agree he look 20” Melissa defended herself

‘’ok I’ll go make the popcorn’’ Louis offered standing up and walking in the kitchen looking kind of... Jealous oh this is going to be good

‘’yeah I’ll help him with that’’ I push the door leading to the kitchen open and closed it so the other can’t hear our conversation

“So Louis” I said turning on the popcorn making yeah a popcorn machine pulling out bag of corn

‘’So Annie?” he asked grabbing ten cans of sodas

“Ok I’mgoingtoaskyouapersonalQuestionpleaseansweritcaus-” I babbled quickly and he covered my mouth with his hand

“Slow down Annie and just ask the question”

“Do you like Jane” He stay silent I think I hit a nerve

“Is it that obvious?”

“Not to everyone just me”

“Find help me what do I do I really like she beautiful smart and funny”

“Well Jane like a guy who nice looking loud out going and guys who make the first move type”

“So your pretty much saying next time I see her I plant a big old wet one on her” he laugh

“Yes! Wait no! I mean like show her you want her then once she gets to know you can plant a big old wet one then.

We walk back out with two bowls of popcorn and ten cans of soda and saw that they already started watching the movie without us!

‘’gees guys thanks for not starting the movie without us’’

“Sorry the FDR is so hot!’’ Hannah sang and Liam shifted slightly beside her now that I think of it there all the girls were sitting next to one of the boys awfully close Lilly with Zayn , Niall with Melissa, Hannah and Liam ,even Louis with Jane.

 How he got there so fast is beyond me and poor Harry in the Conner alone with is not what I’m used to seeing.

 Even when I was younger he was concerted the towns flirt that why my little faded when I was younger. 

Yes I had a tiny crush on my famous best friend Harry styles. What stop looking at me like that!

“ what is this couple night or something” and they almost immediately  move away expect Jane who Louis hold his hand around her waist to in place I guess he taking my advice .I went to go set next to harry since I don’t want to be near the lovely dovie couple which just make me want to gag

“So what happen so far” I whispered to harry 

 “Um the tuck guy just went on a date with the Lauren chick and now she went to the dinner and met FDR” after that we watch the rest of the movie in science expect when we laugh at the funny scene

“Yeah but FDR has these tiny hands” we all laugh

 “Yeah but tuck British”

‘’ you know what that means” me and Jane laugh and I high five her she got it what we don’t have the cleanness minds ever who am I kidding we have dirty minds.

“What is that supposed to mean” Liam accent full voice rang in my ears

“Oh I get it” Zayn smiled

“What” Niall asked amused


“Don’t tell them it burn there innocent mind”

“Hey none of us here are innocent expect Niall who still waiting “and the boys laugh

“Shut up” he turn red and the boys laugh even harder

“Hey I think that pretty sweet you’re waiting for your princess I know I am” Melissa said playing with her purity ring 

“I think I already found her’’ and he kissed her check making her blush as bright as a tomatoes and she look away

“Aww” Jane Lilly Hannah and I awed 

“Girls were going boyfriend hunting tomorrow” Hannah declared and we watch the rest of the movie

 “I just wanted to say before you met your wife we you know”FDR said

“What you had sex with my wife” tuck yelled back over the loud helicopter

“Hey it only fair to tell you”

“I never had sex with Lauren”


“I only said it to make you jealous”

“Oh… ”

“You had sex with my wife!” 

“You had sex with MY WIFE! “

And they jump off the helicopter and we all laugh I got up along with Melissa and Hannah

“Where you going” Liam ask Hannah

“Annie room”

“Onward we go” we started walking through the halls in till we noticed Lilly wasn’t with us so we all walk back ward  

“You coming girly” she just shook her head

“come on don’t give me that bull Hannah grab her arms I’ll grab her feet” I said after we told Lilly she could come”

“Ok it now an official slumber party” Melissa exclaimed in her red cupcake tank top PJ and cupcake print shorts and red M&M’s slipper I guess you can tell what her favorite color.

We were all now change into our PJ Hannah I her old gray Mickey Mouse shirt and blue plaid with a pink bow jack wills shorts and plaid slipper. Lilly in a black tank top with some spotted black shorts and some aqua blue slipper sanders. Jane in her pink and blue plaid shorts and black zombies need love too tank top with her sweater slippers and of course her sorry were closed blind fold one thing about her if she in a nice comfy surface and it darkness surrounding her she knock out in ten minutes and me in my crop beetle shirt with my black tank top and my gray ‘Pink’ shorts and my gray plaid slippers.

“So where that little fluffy white doggy for yours”

“No Jenna you can’t ‘experiment’ with him again Stacie took him”

“That bitch” Jenna hiss

“Hey Annie can I use you laptop for a bit”

“Yeah go for it “I told Melissa then there was a knock on the door

I went to open it and found the guys dress in their PJ and sleeping bags in hand

“Um what are you doing” I ask

The boys were setting the sleeping bag down

“Getting ready to sleep over what else do it look like” Louis said while setting his sleeping bag down beside Jane I just rolled my eyes at his sassiness

“Hey Annie when was that last time you were on twitter”

“Last week why?” I ask walking over to her

“You’ll never believe how many followers and death threats you have?!?”

“what” I shriek she past me it and I look and noticed pic of me and Louis at the mall status I been tag in and a million more followers and a billion different death threat saying if I ever hurt one of the guys they will personally hunt me down and kill me limb by limb and that was the nice death threat.

 one picture really stand out one where I was sitting next to harry in the restaurant and harry was looking at me the way my parents use to look at each other, but the a ding  interrupted me and I check on it  

@Harry_Styles: having a sleep over with my old best mate @anna_18_banna

I look at harry who was smiling shyly

“What you still what to be a music producer you need to famous” harry squealed like a girl at the famous part

“Yeah harry I don’t think getting hate from you fans going to help”


“Ok girl talk time”

“What?” Hannah ask

“It a game about us” Liam answer and Louis wave the small red box with a picture of all of them on the cover

“Ok how do you play?”

“It ask question about us and you answer correctly dah” Louis said

“Then I lose before it start”

“Come on at least try”

After half an hour at this game the doorbell ring singling the pizza Niall

“Escape!” Melissa yelled

Order is here and gave me an excuse to leave but I wasn’t the only one. “Escape!” Melissa yelled

We all got up Lilly Melissa Jane and I got to the door we stare at the door then each other but Lilly being the secret nerd went for the door right away


We all ran out of the room while Niall shouted is the game really that bad. We got and pay for the pizza and now we were lying around my room with eight empty boxes of pizza around us

“Ugh I’m so full”

“I know why order eight boxes were again”

“Niall” the boys groaned

“I can never eat another slice of pizza in my life ever again oh there one left” Niall said taking a bit out a cheese pizza slice and I just rolled my eyes

“Ok back to the game”

“No!” we groaned

“Please no more of that game” I plead

“You’re only saying that cause your losing” Louis said

“Hey how am I supposed to know who was called poo bear even Lilly didn’t know?”

“Boo bear!” Louis corrected

“Sorry Poo bear” I smirked I said looking over where he laid

“Ok let’s play spin the bottle” Melissa said and she gestured Louis and Jane

“Ok” I said once I caught on we got a bottle and place it and the middle of the circle we form

“I’m going to spin to see who first”

I spin the bottle and it landed on Jane! I guess it faith.

“To be fair let Annie spins it again so it is fair” Hannah said

“Yeah and whoever it lands on you have to make out with them in there for 5 minutes”

She nodded and I spin the bottle again

“Hey look Louis there Kevin” Zayn pointed randomly anywhere in the room

He look and I stop the bottle pointing at him

“I guess it you Lou” harry grinned

“Hey that cheating you stop it”

“No I didn’t did I boys” and they all shook their head

 ‘’off you go Janie’’ I push both of them in the bath room and took time with my iPhone 4s complements of my dearest older brother matt.

After 5 minutes I unlocked the door and pull out a be wild Jane while the boys pilled in the bathroom.

“How was it?” Lilly

“Is he good?” Hannah

“Are you dating too dating now?” me

“Did you see a panda like you said you would?” Melissa we turn to look at her with a ‘what the fudge are you taking about look’.

“Long story” we nodded and waited for Jane to get out of shock mode

“Ok so yeah it was amazing and he is no I didn’t see one and you pull me out when he started taking” she said finally getting out of shocked mode

“Oopsie daisies”

“It ok”

Then we heard a knock on the door and saw Louis

“Um Jane can I speak with you alone” I didn’t even realize they left the bathroom

“Sure” I excited the room with the girls and went down stair to give them privates and I saw something I never expected to see again or at least not here.



So here another chapter I suck with cliff hanger but all well so who she sees will Jane and Louis get together will there craziness be good together find out in……………………………………




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