summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


5. chapter 4













“What going on?’’ I ask amused

“Little Annie here got a number and ask on a date” Hannah said wiggling her eyebrows

‘’shut up.’’ Annie said blushing

‘’god damn Ann if you don’t then I’ll sign you up for Miss Homes chapel’’

“Hannah already did! I mean it you guys are mess up people’’ she said the last part under her breath

‘’fine I tell every guy you need and escort good luck getting out of that one’’

Her eyes widen in fear ‘’Fine’’ she said running a hand down her long beautiful hair. How I wish I could run my finger through there and kiss her, hold her and never let her go.

Lilly and the girls cheered

‘’Why do you want me to go out with someone so badly’’

“Annie we just want you to be happy not end up being some fat cat lady getting a new every week” she can be happy. WITH ME!

‘’fine but I am happy’’

“Just give it a try he really cute and seems nice” Jane said speaking for the first time wow she very quiet.

‘’Ok fine ‘’ she said while pulling out my phone

Annie P.O.V

I pulled out my iPhone 4s and text Shawn

Me: hi

Shawn: Hey you thought about the date yet

Me: yup defiantly

Shawn: ok see you Friday

Me: OkJ

Shawn: wear something sexy ;) pick you up at eight

Me: see u then

‘’Ok I got a date with Shawn this Friday’’ and the girl squealed. I said happily I never been on a date expect for that one time with Taylor when I was 16 but then he try to force himself on me and matt and harry took care of him so I just avoid them and focus on studying .

‘’wait I got nothing to wear’’ then I started pacing

‘’here let me see you phone to see if he said what to wear’’ I handed her the phone and she read the text

‘’well the clothes harry bought are reveling and he did said wear something sexy’’

I glared at her ‘’not funny lils’’

‘’ok ok here lets go shoping’’

‘’wait how we going to get home’’

‘’I can drive you guys’’ Messlia offered

‘’wait what about us’’ harry said

‘’ you guys can come but were going Victoria secret and get panties and bras you can join us and dress shoping’’

‘’ok’’ Louis and harry said do they have no pride

‘’no it ok some of us have pride’’Zayn said I was being drag away by the girls

‘’Ok sorr-‘’

‘’don’t need to be sorry Ann they all have girlfriends they know what it like’’ Lilly said my smile vanished a little just of the thought of harry with some one else but why am I he not mine and he doesn’t like me back.

Maybe dating Shawn will be a good thing. I was pushed in a dressing room and dresses pilled all over me. I tried a sliver one with while sparkers on it and a big dramatic ugly purple bow on it



‘’      ’’Messlia

‘’you call yourself a dress!’’ Jane said

‘’ok ok don’t give too much hate people’’. I walk back in the room and put on a hot pink one with lace around it

‘’better but not a lot’’ Lilly

‘’are you trying to be a hooker girl’’ Hannah

‘'execution’’ Jane

‘’two thumbs down’’ Messlia

‘’fine’’ I walk in again and look through the pilled and found this pretty little baby blue dress I put it on and walk out

‘’OMG yes!’’


‘’Girl you need that one it so pretty!’’


‘’yeah here lets go get it’’ I change back into my normal clothes and went to go pay after we paid we were walking through the mall and Jane spotted some amazing shoes so we went in Jane went over to the shoes and I just look at the clothes I decide to get some clothes since I couldn’t before because of the fans. I bought two pair of sunglasses, a pair of demi shorts, a gray simple blouse, a pair of purple skinny jeans, black convers and some pink sweat pants.


After I played I walk over to the mountains of shoes Hannah and Messlia have separated

‘’Ok girl try these on’’ Messlia said handing me some sliver stilettoes also some white flats and black lace heels.

‘’ugh I can’t decide’’

‘’then buy them all’’

‘’I can’t I don’t have enough money I bought all these clothes inside’’

“Here let me buy you theme as an early birthday present’’

‘’Messlia no it was in March and you bought me that BFF bracelet’’

‘’yeah but I also bought Hannah and Jane one so let me buy you it’’

‘’No it-‘’


‘’you already know who always win this one’’

‘’and I won’t take no for an answer’’ Melissa said coming back with two bags

‘’what? How you do that?’’

‘’I’m a fucking ninja remember’’

‘’how can I forget’’

‘’ok hair and makeup time’’

‘’Lilly the date till Friday I can’t do my hair and makeup now’’

‘’duh of course were not doing that but we are going to dye your hair’’

‘’what?!? No’’


‘’fine only if you die your blond again’’

‘’fine’’ we walk in a salon and were approach by a short hair blond man in a black off fit

‘’bonjour Lilly est tellement agréable de vous revoir’’ he said while Lilly and him air kiss both of their checks and air kissed our damn this is awkward.

*transplant '' hello Lilly is so nice to see you again''*

‘’ Ravi de vous voir aussi’’

*’’ nice to see you too’’*

‘’so ladies will it be the usual’’

‘’no um my sister here has a big date this Friday and we thought that maybe you can cut her hair and dye it as well’’

‘’of course darling’’ he smiled and pointed me to a chair you know how hard it is not to spin around in those contour Annie.

‘’so what would you like ‘’he said while looking for styles to put my hair Lilly whisper something in his ear and he smiled before I could blink I was twirled around  and rush over to a sink where the wash out my hair


‘’Lilly it time for your makeover’’

‘’I thought you were kidding’’


‘’Michael can you’’ whisper’’ to Lilly’’

‘’he nodded Elle!’’ and a red head appear

‘’can you * he told her what hair style* she nodded and did Lilly hair

After 30 minutes of pulling dying and being told for the million times I couldn’t look he was finish

‘’and finish you look gorgeous darling’’

‘’can I look in the mirror now’’

‘’no sorry specific orders from Lilly here’’ he said passing me some really dark shade that when I put them on I should see nothing seriously it was all black! I try taking them off but he stopped me. I sighed and keep them on.

‘’fine if I have too ware them so does_’’ then I was cut off by squealed from across the room

‘’Lilly” to late

‘’too late for that honey’’ I was attack by a hug

‘’thank you thank you how you know what my hair style and hair color was before I change it’’

‘’I didn’t and still don’t since you blind me by these’’

‘’well thank you thank you thank you!’’ I can already image the huge smile she has

‘’OH’’ Melissa

‘’MY’’ Hannah

“Fudge cakes! You look HOT’’ of course Jane

‘’really’’ I said as I reach for my sunglasses

‘’ NO NO NO can’t see in till were home’’

“Why” I whined

‘’because I said so’’

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