summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


4. chapter 3


I woke up the next morning and went to go shower brush my teeth did my makeup and comb my hair I have been wearing Lilly clothes since I don’t have any yet.

 Lilly and I talk all night yesterday and I realized who needs a best friend when you have a sister. We became close overnight and now we can be blood sister. I went down stair and to the refrigerator and got a water bottle.

 I made some cereal and went to watch E news like I do every morning then everyone one came downstairs dress and showered

" I guess we can go to the mall since I have nothing to unpack and Harold be better keep the recipe or be prepare to ware those things cause I AM NOT wearing them’’ I said uncapping my water bottle and taking a large gulp of water  he fake pouted

“Why, Annie they really make your eyes stand out’’ I rolled my eyes

 ‘’I guess some things just don’t change’’ I said  

‘’ok ready Annie’’ Louis said getting a pair of keys from the key holder

‘’ok hey guys you want to come’’

‘’nah it fine you guys go’’ Liam said

‘’ok bye see yeah later guys’’

And I heard a chorus of ‘yeah’ and ‘bye’. We walk down the patch leading to the garage and I hope in a 2011 Lamborghini

‘’nice car always wanted one’’

“Really” he ask questioned

‘’yep’’ I said popping the ‘p’

The rest of the way we didn’t talk just sang to the radio. Then he pull in the to the mall parking lot.

‘’You know what Anne banana I judge you wrong’’

‘’what you mean’’

‘’when harry called you his friend saying he need to make a room for you I thought you know. Friends with benefit’’ and I burst out laughing me then he started me plus harry please it not like he not bad looking he pretty cute but he wouldn’t like me back anyways.

And there no option couple name so it not going to happen.

‘’Me and harry. Don’t worry Louis were just friends’’ even though it hurts for some unknown realizing were just friends nothing more nothing least

‘’ok good lets go’’ the moment we step out of the car paparazzi surround us asking random question

‘’are you his girlfriend’’

‘’are you soon to be wife’’

‘’friends with benefit’’

‘’holding his future child’’

‘’don’t worry just ignore them’’ he whispered in my ear and flashes went all around me it was pretty hard to do but I finally reach inside the mall.

‘’I hope you do realize by tomorrow morning the whole world will know you as Louis Tomlinson secret girlfriend’’

My eyes widen what if he has a girlfriend and she gets mad

‘’OMG I’m so sorry what If you have a girlfriend I can ruin your relationship or get you more attention I’m so so-‘’

‘’breath Annie it ok and I don’t have a girlfriend’’

I sighed in relief ‘' Sorry I do that a lot’’ I mumble and he laugh

‘’how about we start shopping now’’

‘’Ok ‘’

We walk into a store and started looking for stuff and let me tell you it really hard when everything has the boys faces on it and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!

‘’hey Louis catch’’ I said throwing him a purple bra with his face on one cup’’

He yelled and throw it behind him ‘’never speak of it’’ he said and I saluted

‘’yes ma’am’’

‘’did you just call me a women’’

‘’yes ma’am’’ he laughed that what I like about him he can take a joke

‘’ok sir where to next toy r us oh or jack wills’’

‘’ok Jake wills then toys r us’’ I laughed and we walk to the end of the mall where jack wills was. I went over to a rack of hoodies and got a navy blue hoodie with pink leather saying ‘jack wills’ and some dark blue skinny jeans

‘’hey I’m going to try these on’’

‘’ok’’ I walk over to the dressing room and put them on once I finish I change back and got out

‘’wait try these’’ Louis said handing me a bag with a smile on his face I look at him confused and walk in the dressing room I took out the clothes and saw there blue skinny jeans with a white shirt and a black bow tie and navy blue suspender I quickly change then went out side

‘’OMG were twinsy’’ he said in his fake girl voice and I laughed

‘’Like OMG picture time’’ I said and we took a few pictures in till

‘’OMG THERE LOUIS TOMLINSON’’ and it wasn’t just one but one hundred surrounding the store

 I started running over to the counter to pay but Louis stops me

‘’don’t worry I already played’’

And we ran out and we quickly bought magazine and shade and hide

‘’eww Louis what you buy me’’ I said closing the playboy magazine and grabbing my hoodie and putting it on and coving my head with the hood

‘’sorry didn’t know what it was’’ he said staring at the magazine. Perv!

‘’it ok oh before I forget here for the clothes’’ I said handing him money

‘’nah you keep it’’

‘’come on’’ he shook his head

‘’what kind of guy would I be if I didn’t pay. Considered it a welcome gift.’’ I sighed knowing I wouldn’t win

‘’’You guys suck at disguises’’ we both look up to see Lilly with her arms cross amused and the boys right

Behind her

‘’miss us lads’’ Louis said

‘’no and Annie never know you like that’’ harry said and I turn red and thow away the magainezz

‘’why you here again’’

‘’ Can’t we just be in the mall ‘’ me and Louis look at each other then stood up

‘’then you just would be okay by yourself if we left’’ I said


‘’ok then’’ Louis said sticking out his elbow and I lock mine under him and we began to skip away but didn’t get far because exactly 5 feet later we were stopped.

‘’fine ok we came here for you guys.’’

‘’more like it haz’’ Louis said

‘’so where to next’’ I ask

‘’how about we get some food’’ and his stomach grumped

‘’I guess we have no choice. Where?’’ I smiled

‘’ nandos’’niall said and we went I walk next to Lilly talking about random things we like in store. We went in nandos and saw the today theme karaoke.

 Then I saw my friend Hannah Melissa and Jane came in. We weren’t popular in school but were the best friends

‘’Annie there you are we called you a billion of times why didn’t you answer’’ I look at my phone and turn it on and sure in of my inbox was full of message texts and calls from the girls.

‘’sorry I been catching up with’’

‘’me’’ harry and the boys came up and he wrap his arm around me


‘’so is he like your boyfriend’’

‘’yes’’ harry said the same time I said

‘’no’’ Jane look at the both of us with not convince but we are just friends. Right?

‘’So Girls theses are Liam Zayn Louis Niall and harry guys these are my best friends Melissa Jane and Hannah. They started talking but then this old man came on stage and called for everyone attention

‘’Welcome to Nanos as you can see the theme today is karaoke any volunteer to start everything off’’

‘’oh Ann you should sing tonight’’ Jane said

‘’Jane you know I can’t sing’’ I whisper back

“You got to be kidding me. OVER HERE!’’ Lilly yelled to the man

‘’What are you doing?!?’’

‘’Come on Annie your amazing remember the third grade talent show’’ Harry said

‘’yeah how can I forget I throw up harry on Logan the cutest boy in the whole school!” I shout whispered to him then I was pulled away by Lilly

‘’you’ll do great!’’

‘’So who we have here tonight what your name love?’’ said a mid-age man check me out which made me shiver .Perv.

‘’Annie?’’ I said more like a question then a statement I hate being on stage I look stupid deep breath Annie remember IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN IN IN SHIT! I breathe out heavy with ears some laughs from the crowds I felt like crying fuck.

‘’and what you going to sing tonight’’

‘’um safe and sound by Tayor Swift” I said picking a random song from my head

‘’ok’’ he said stepping of the stage and the light dim down thank god I can’t really see their face exact for those green eyes giving me confidents

The music started and I thought of my mother

‘’I remember tears streaming down your face

When I said, I'll never let you go

When all those shadows almost killed your light

I remember you said, don't leave me here alone

But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight


Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I'll be safe and sound’’ I thought of how my mother was an amazing singer even got a record deal but deny it saying she wanted to spent her time with her family


‘’Don't you dare look out your window.

Darling, everything's on fire

The war outside our door keeps raging on

Hold onto this lullaby

Even when the music's gone…



Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I'll be safe and sound

Oooh ooh ooh

Oooh oooh oh


Just close your eyes.

You'll be alright.

Come morning light,

You and I'll be safe and sound...

Oooh ooh ooooh oooh

Oooh oooh oooh ooh…….I look around and everyone was silent I told them I can’t sing before I can storm off everyone was standing and cheering and I turn red NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!

‘’wow give a hand for Annie!” the guys said coming up stage I hand him the micro then went to set with the guys keep looking down and my lap

“Wow Annie I thought harry could only sing that high’’ Niall commented and I blush


‘’see I told you this will work hottie 12:00 checking you out and he has  friends checking us out” Lilly said then I saw Zayn, Harry and the boys tense up when she talk about the guys I guess they each like a girl.

Well it make since since there 4 girls and harry just being his protective best friend self I need to fix them up one of them at least together

‘’let’s go” Lilly said

“No” Zayn and harry said together Lilly and I look at theme confused

‘’I mean they don’t look like your type’’

‘’then what is my type” she ask with a smirk he stayed silent and blush the tiniest bit I guess he likes her and harry my protective best friend again just like middle school when any guy would ask me to the dance he would say we were going together or something

“ I thought so come on Annie there really cute!” she begged giving me her puppy dog look I sighed and look at the girl who were looking at me pledging

‘’fine’’ and sink back down in my seat

‘’on one condition”

‘’what’’ Lilly ask concerned

‘’I give you a makeover’’


“How badly do you want to go to hottie 1 and friends''

‘’fine deal” fuck I didn’t think she accept

‘’ok deal’’ we both stood up and walk over to the guys who fix themselves with and saw there refection with spoons when they saw us coming.

“Hello ladies” I wanted to rolled my eyes at this guy but Lilly giggled got it he yours each girl went with a guy and I stay by myself in till a guy scratch that Mr. Handsome came

‘’Hey I’m Shawn’’ Dr. handsome said

‘’hi I’m Annie’’

‘’heard you singing you were great’’


Harry P.O.V

‘’I don’t like them’’ Zayn said pissed and jealous 

‘’Me either look at the way he looking at Melissa’’ Niall said

‘’just look at them that one is using a spoon’’ Liam said talking about the one speaking to Hannah.

“Look at him I bet he doesn’t even eats carrots’’

‘’I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to rip that hand off my Annie’’ I said standing up and the boys look confused.

‘’I mean Annie’’ I corrected and Louis smirk

‘’has our little Haz found the one’’




‘’wait there coming becoming weak at the needs again’’ Louis said going down.

Five supper hot pissed guys this is going to be good what going to happen

Are they going to fight?

ARE they going to confess their feelings


Wait why am I asking he he  J


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