summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


3. chapter 2


While driving to their house we were singing to random song that ‘DJ Malik’ would put on.

‘’I throw a wish in the well don’t ask me I’ll never tell I look at you as it fell and now you in my way I trade my soul for a wish pennies and dimes for a kiss I wasn’t looking for this and now you’re in my way your stare was holding ripe jeans skin was showing hot night wind was blowing where do you think you going baby

Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here my number so call me maybe’’ me and Louis sang along to the song I really did find my new BFFIMELT or best friend forever in my entire life time as Louie calls it

‘’hey me and my BFFIMELT were singing that’’ Louis fake pouted.

‘’what that?’’ harry asked confused

‘’duh best friend forever in my entire life time.’’ he told him

‘’what so your now her best friends.’’

‘’didn’t I just say that  but were also partner in crimes  peanut butter and jelly  bat man and robin bunny and carrots, carrots and carrots!’’

‘’so pretty much your her best friend now?’’ harry ask again worried he never did like his title being taken away

‘’no his big bro I’m little sis your still my best friend Harold.’’ he sighed in relief

‘’yep but not for long Haz. ‘’ he said

‘’Oh so that best friend roll is open still.’’ Liam said

‘’no! It taken by me!’’ harry said setting next to me wrapping his arms around me

‘’yep but can’t I have more than one best friend.’’

‘’no!’’ Louie and harry said

‘’I want you all by myself.’’ harry said he said snuggling into me

‘’please curly haired boy she loves me more right’’ he ask wrapping his arm around me

‘’no right that you love me more’’ Liam ask

‘’no she loves me more right’’ Zayn said joining in wiggling his eyebrows

‘’you wish we all know she had a crush on me since she was all over  me in  bed’’ Liam said smirking I turn red of embarrassment and my throat felt dry so I couldn’t talk without cracking.

‘’no I love Niall more” I said once I was able to collect my voice again

‘’huh’’ he said turning around with his mouth full of Nandos chips.

I look around the room and saw Lilly in the Conner of the limo looking sad and tears in the corner of her eyes looking at her hands twiddling her thumbs while her phone was on her lap. I walk up to her and sat down next to her so did Liam.

‘’vas hapenin' ’’ Zayn asked Lilly

‘’nothing “she said wiping a tear out of her eyes and hiding her phone

‘’nothing it ok’’ she continued try to convince I don’t really know much about Lilly since we never really spent time together even though we live right next door to each other and when we do talk all we do is fight

We decided to drop it and pull in the drive way of a huge flat with a pool garden forest and trampoline? Probably for Louis and his energy probs.

They all pilled out of the car and into the house it wasn’t fancy but it wasn’t dirty and gross it look like a teen hang out place with video games, pool, movie rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, upstairs bedrooms, and a slide, yep going to have fun this summer forget that boring old trap in my house summer I’m going to have an awesome unstoppable fun with my old best friend and new ones.

 ‘’hey Annie you want to go to the mall’’ Louis ask

‘’sure let me just unpack’’


‘’wait um where am I staying’’ I ask

‘’dam we didn’t think of that I guess you going to have to sleep in the attic  it might be a little dirty but don’t worry it has a bed and everything like you old house’’ harry said leading me up the stair with the boys and Lilly

‘’it doesn’t matter harry you know me I’m not picky’’ I am actually hoping it like my old house

‘’ok just to warn you too we didn’t think well have guest’’

‘’it okay harry’’ and he open the door to a aqua blue room with a queen size bed with the writing the sky the limit and colorful pillows pilled on it like I had in my old bedroom and full size mirror walk in closet, desk, brand new apple laptop with a pink sleeve a bean bag chair with my name on it a HD flat screen TV.   And a balcony and in the wall it had the same or almost the same writing me and harry wrote in year 10 ‘’best friend forever and always H&A’’

I saw harry smirking from my reaction

‘’yeah I totally see that you weren’t expecting me to agree to come with you’’

‘’yeah you should of seen him running around the house like a headless chicken with pillows or paint in his hands screaming Annie coming Annie coming’’

‘’I did not’’ harry protested blushing slightly

I have to get this chance he never blushes

‘’aww is dimples blushing’’

‘’hey don’t call me that’’

‘’why it has a very go funny back story ‘’

‘’what is it?’’ Niall ask amused


‘’we wouldn’t want to remember the lama do we’’ no he wouldn’t

‘’you wouldn’t’’

‘’we pretty sure I would ok so on her-‘’ and I slap my hand on hand mouth and he lick my hand

‘’eww! Gross.’’ and I rub this salvia on him

‘’wait. Where Lilly going to sleep? There only one bed?’’

‘’she can stay in the guest room.’’ Liam said

‘’wait I thought you said that there was only one guest room.’’

‘’there is.’’ Zayn said

‘’So what this?’’

‘’this Anna banana is you room.’’ I slightly laugh at that Anna use to call me that when I was younger.

‘’ok lads let’s get the girls some privacy to un pack unless you want us to help you.’’ Niall ask wiggling his eyebrows boys will be boys

‘’um let us think about it?’’

‘’NO!’’ we said like some rehearsed script and closed the door

‘’so Lilly…’’ I said after a few awkward deadly silence moments


‘’so Annie…’’

We stay like that for a while in dead silent in till I decide to break the silence

‘’ok fine Lilly I don’t want this summer just to be us fighting I haven’t seen harry since I was sixteen. How about you and I become friends for at least the summer then we can go back to hating each other when‘’

‘’Stacie and Eric get back.’’ that surprise me she that she didn’t call Stacie mum

‘’earth to Ann’’

‘’Sorry ‘’ I said realizing I have been staring for a while now

‘’why you didn’t call Stacie mum?’’

‘’Want the truth?’’ and I nodded in return she sighed ran a hand through her hand and sat down on the Connor of my bed.

‘’Well when I was 6 my real mother Isabel died so my father remarried her but two years. After they got married he was shot to death buying them a getaway tickets.’’ she pause a little wiping a tear and placing her head in her hands

’’I remember running to the hospital with Stacie well me running. While Stacie keep screaming to slow down ,but you know what are you going to do when your ten and your daddy girl and have no other family no friends not even someone to cry into. Stacie she got, she got everything the house the car and … me. At first she would call me fat and ugly and no boy would look my way and do lots more horrible things.

 So I did anything to make her stop calling me stuff. I lost weight practically starving myself wore makeup and curl and died  my hair brown and practically throw myself at any guy just to prove her wrong. Before I know it I was her. So when your dad proposed she made me swear to keep this secret and pretend to be her real daughter or else  ’’ and she started crying not fake crying but actual crying I guess Stacie isn’t as bad as I thought. she worst

I pull her in a hug ‘’I’m a failure to my father he would be so disgraced’’

‘’no your aren’t you just made some bad decision in the past’’ we stayed hugging in till Zayn came in

‘’opps sorry but so- hey Lilly what wrong?’’ coming over to Lilly and putting a hand on her shoulder looking concern I can tell he cares about her.

‘’nothing ‘’ she said wiping a tear away from her eyes

‘’it nothing’’ she said standing up and exiting the room

‘’so said what were you saying before’’

‘’oh yeah um a guy name mark called ask if you were saying here’’

‘’never heard of him what you tell him?’’

‘’that we never heard of a Lilly and Annie’’

‘’ok I think Lilly might know him ‘’

‘’ok’’ he left and closed the door I went over to my carryon bag grab by bath and body work sweet pea body wash and lotion and got a towel.

I walk over to my suit case and look though it. What the hell?!?!

‘’HARRY EDWARD STYLES WHAT THE FUDGE CAKES DID YOU PACK!! ’’ And I heard the boys laugh form down stair these are not my clothes I said looking at the cloth with the new price tag. I zip up the suitcase and realized this isn’t mine. My suitcase had a purple zipper I wouldn’t ware this little cloth called clothes I understand shorts but this can classified underwear.

 I marched down stair with my bag and into the kitchen where the guys went from laughing to casual poses and let me tell you nothing causal about this poses. Liam in a thinking pose trying to hold his laughter, Louis one hand on hip on his head and laving on the counter smiling, Niall standing straight saluting, Zayn hands cross legs cross and grinning ok his is more casual but harry the worst on the ground crisps cross hands on his laps finger intertwined with each other and smile brightly. Oh Harold I know that pose I would use it all the time in pre k when Harry and I did pranks on the teacher then run back and do. Trying to look innocent but guest what I am not Miss. Sander.

Boys will be boys. So here was another chapter I’m glad you guys gave this book a chance and hopefully you’ll give my other book a chance thanks for reading …… bye! :)

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