summer with the boys

Annie and harry have been best friends since they were young.But he left her to be on the X factor.Two years later he back.But with some new friends.Will harry confess his feeling for annie or will he lose her when new badboy Shawn comes along.


2. chapter 1


This chapter is dedicated to XxSaharaixX for the ama-zayn book cover anyways hope you like it please vot and comment?


 I saw myself running around a field of wild daisy 

‘‘Harry wait for me''           

‘‘Hurry up Annie'' we ran all the way to the creek and try to catch a fish

‘‘Did you see that Annie I almost caught it'' and I rolled my eyes

‘‘Annie harry come here for lunch'' we ran back and we sited on our checkered picnic table with my mum and Harry mum.

‘’Annie!’’ my mother said just that it wasn’t her lovely comforting voice but one that made me want to pull out my hair

‘’Anna!!’’ my mother again yelled in a snooty voice then her face transform to the hideous beast I never wanted to see again

‘’ANNA GET THE FUCK UP” and then I snap my eyes open and look at what I thought was my mother but was the gold digger my father married two month after my mum died, Stacie.

Your probably wondering at this point who I am well here you answer my name is Anna Elizabeth Young I live in Holmes Chapel my entire life with my parents but in the spring in 2010 my mother died when I was 16 from heart cancer she was fighting it for over nine years and survived over 4 time but two years ago we weren’t so lucky. My dad remarried two months after my mother death and even though I didn’t want anyone one with my father but my mother I accepted it and it was a wrong decision because that women he married doesn’t love him but his money

‘’there Eric she awake’’ and my father came up to my room.

‘’hey bud were going to leave in a hour’’

‘’ok dad here let me get change’’ they walk out and I walk over to my walk in closet and look for my black vans I put on a random shirt and skinny jeans I fix my hair and plotted myself on my bed I miss my mom I miss my old house this rich thing that my dad bought for Stacie doesn’t have that housie felling it screams touch me and you never get out of it, I miss my mum I miss Anne I miss harry, I hate my life.

‘’Liz get down here’’

‘’ugh’’ I lifted myself off my bed and walk down stairs

‘’yes Stacie’’

‘’go get princess from my dog house''



‘’his name is max not princess’’ I said mocking her tone

She gasped’’ Eric’’

‘’Whatever ‘’ I walk to my kitchen and grab and old lady apple and bit it and sourly juice came to my tongue

‘’hey bud’’ my dad said while walking in the kitchen

‘’Hey ‘’ I said while p him and apple

‘’thanks, bud can you try being nicer to Stacie’’

‘’fine if it makes you happier’’

‘’and can you call her mum’’ I stay silent for this one now that I can’t if I will call anyone that it will my own mother

‘’sorry dad I can’t’’ I walk out of the kitchen tears in the Conner of my eyes it happen whenever I think about my mum I was about to run up stair but bump into Stacie she pull my into the living room while dinging in her nail into my flesh.

‘’now you listen up and you listen good you are not going to ruin this trip for me you little brat so stay out of my way’’

‘’shut up you gold digger’’

‘’you know what-‘’ she said but stop but not for long and continue in but no longer in her venom voice

‘’ I love you hope you have a wonderful time sorry we can’t take you with us tell Lilly I said bye’’ she said while my dad stood in the door frame and she pull me into a hug

‘’thanks and I tell her when she comes back from spending my father money’’ I whisper the last part and she hug me a little too tightly


“Ok ladies time to let go or will me late and miss the plane’’

“By sweetie I love you like my own daughter’’

‘’I love you too....’’ and my throat burn and felt dry but my dad was looking at me with that ‘please for me look’ so I cough it out ‘’mum’’

‘’bye dad’’

‘’bye sweaty see you in three months be good’’ and I went up to him and gave him a big bear hug. We did our hand shake we invented when I was five and I wave to him.

‘’have fun in Hawaii’’ Once he was out She went over to the stairs and got her suitcase and gave me a bitchy look.

Five minutes later I walk in the living room with a bowl of freshly made popcorn and a water and walk my vampire diaries dam DAMON SEXY defiantly Delna fan here and he did see her first so he has dibs then Lilly walk in


“So yeah he was all like… YEAH I KNOW! And I got his number I know Ashley OMG did you hear one direction coming back to England I know right front row yeah that idiot that my mum- wait got to go…’’

‘’hey Ann’’

‘’hey Lilly had fun ’’ I said glaring at her who she think she is calling my dad and idiot

“That none of you businesses now leave you bitch’’

‘’shut up whore’’ and the next thing I know was something hit me across my cheek leaving it as red as a tomatoes and I hold it in my hand of how much it hurt.

‘’never call me that again you bitch now leave no one like you that why you pathetic mother gave up on you’’

This time I slap her ‘’never call my mother that again you’re not one to judge look at your STD full mother’’

I went up the stair to my room and sat on my piano and play angry pushing random keys I rested my head on my white grand piano then a photo full on top of my head it was of my mother father and me our own little happy bunch my father word replayed and I found myself smiling at the memory.


‘’I miss you mum’’

 I walk to my closet and pull out my guitar my mum bought me for my 16 birthday I started playing I miss you by Miley Cyrus started on singing

“You used to call me your angle said I was sent straight down for heaven

You hold me close in your arms

 I love the way you felt so strong

I never wanted you to leave I wanted you to stay here holding me…..

 I miss you I miss you smile and I still shed a tear every once and

A while and even though it different now your still here somehow

My heart won’t let you go and I need you to know I miss you

Sha la la la I miss you’’ by now I had tear slowly dripping down my face

‘’you used to call me your dreamer and now I’m living out my dream

Owe how I wish you could see ever thing that happen for me

I thinking back on the past….

It true that time is flying too fast I miss you I miss your smile

And I still shield a tear every once and a while and even though

It different now your still here somehow my heart won’t let you go and I need you to know I miss you

Sha la la la I miss you

 I know you’re in a better place yeah

But I wish I could see your face oh

 I know you in where you need to be

Even though it not here with me.....owe

 I miss you I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once and a while and even though it different now

Your still here somehow

My heart won’t let you go and I need you to know I miss you sha la la la la

I miss you ‘’ by the time I finish I had tear flowing freely down my cheeks I just plop on my bed and set down my guitar beside my bed and suddenly I felt my eyes getting very heavy

‘’is she dead?’’ a British voice ask then I felt being poke on my check by something cold and pointy

‘’I don’t know? ‘'And I felt being poked again

“And goddam Lou can you stop poking her with that carrot!’’ said the first voice again

‘’no I want more carrots’’

‘’but there was a new bag or carrots down there you couldn’t finish them all’’ said a guy with an Irish accent I just block out the notice and snuggle closer to my pillow

‘’damn she a heavy sleeper’’ then my pillow chuckle wait! Pillow don’t chuckle I snap open my eyes to see I was snuggling into a guy with Justin Bieber hair. shit!

‘’Oh she awake hi!! I"M LOUD i mean LOUIS but you can call me Louie or Lou do you like carrots I love carrots so do you’’ he said in one breath

‘’um yeah’’

He squealed jumping around ‘’ANNIE you and I are going to be best friends I can already see it’’

‘’um sure but how do you know my name and how you get in’’

‘’the door. ‘’ said a voice behind my door then the figure walk out of the dark

‘’harry!’’ I ran up to him and gave him a hug

‘’what you doing here’’

‘’well I wasn’t going to leave my best friend all alone was I’’

I let go of harry then the crazy boy- I mean Louis came up to me and hug me too and lift me up and slung me over his shoulder like I weighted nothing

‘’hey let me down’’ I yelled hitting his back he ran down stair and into my kitchen?

‘’no not in till you tell me where the carrots are’’

“never have ’’I laughed

Then he set me on the ground my back to the floor and he started ticking me

‘’tell me now’’

‘’ok- ok-stop can’t-breath’’ I said between laugh he stop and I got up

‘’fine’’ I said and I look through my fridge

‘’what the there was a full bag just yesterday’’ I turn to him to see him looking nervous

‘’what you do to them’’ I asked the boys came down

‘’um ... Liam ate them’’ he pointed to the straight hair guy or my laughing pillow

‘’no I didn’t you did’’

‘’fine I ate them happy’’

‘’here’’ I said tossing him a pack of baby carrots ‘’those are the only ones left’’

His eyes widen in excitement and he rips the package open

‘’anyways Annie this is Zayn Liam Niall and Louis’’ Harry said while pointing out his band mates i heard of them in school but never actually seen them

I wave slightly to them ‘’ why isn’t she going crazy asking for autographs’’ the blonde one or Niall as Liam.

''well because she different right Annie''

'' yep i guess''

Louis was talking to his carrots saying how cute and tiny they were before eating there ‘heads’ off while we laugh but then we heard a high pitch scream ‘’OMG JESSICA GUESS WHO IN MY HOUS ONE-‘’ the Louie ran up to her and ended her call and gave her phone back

‘’please don’t say or text anyone saying were here’’, and she nodded slowly

‘’OMG you’re your’’

‘’yes one direction Lilly we heard it before’’ I sighed

‘’um Annie who she’’

‘’OMG you know them’’

‘’no I just know harry’’

‘’OMG and you would hid this from your own sister’’ what? Wasn’t it you who told your friends and the whole school you didn’t have one

‘’um Lilly if you don't remember I wasn’t the one who told everyone in the entire school you didn’t know me or would want to’’ she just rolled her eyes and went on flirting with Niall

‘’before you ask why I didn’t tell you I had a sister I’ll tell you she not she my step sister if I can even call her that after my mum died my dad remarry to her mother’’

‘’owe sorry’’

‘’yeah it ok’’

‘’hey boys we going already to the flat yet’’ Liam yelled from across the room

‘’yeah let’s just get her bags’’ harry said

‘’what do you mean by her bags’’

‘’your dad left on vacation with her mum right’’ harry ask


‘’so we are taking you with us Annie I need a new partner in crime the lads are too boring’’ Louie said coming from behind and slinging and arm around my shoulder

‘’but I can’t’’

‘’Why not?’’


‘’ don’t worry she can take care of herself’’ let me think about that go with my only true best friend for the summer or say with some bitch who would make me go to party just to hold her hair when she throws very hard harry. Lilly also knew my answer right away and she just had to make things about her again

‘’what about me?!?!mum left you here to cook for me and clean for me?” that pissed both the boys and me

“harry I be back after I pack my clothes”

“already done and I never thought that you could become a size C’’

‘’perv at least I know something haven’t change about you Harold’’ I walk over to were the two suitcases were and grab them we were half way to the door when we heard crying I turn around to see Lilly crying on the floor I look at the guys and the all nodded

‘’fine Lilly you can come too’’ she shot up and smile thanks and ran up her bed room to pack

‘’as least I know what she can now work as''

“Hey wait guy I be back” I ran up my room and got my guitar and a little box wrap in colorful wrapping paper

I walk back down stair with my new beauty I just bought it a week ago I save up a lot for this

‘’ is that a-" Niall said Bewildered by my guitar

‘’yep a blacki Stratocaster hybrid”

‘’but that cost £ 612.90 how you get it’’

‘’well it wasn’t easy but I know this guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that sat next to this lady who later on got marry together cute couple by the way who invite a girl who knows a guy who knows a guy that sat next to some famous retired guitar player who was selling this for a couple pounds’’

“What?’’ harry asked

‘’she knows people” Zayn said while coming up to me and wrapping a hand around my shoulder

‘’ok ready’’ Lilly said coming down stair and gasp and toke a picture ran to her and snatch her phone away and deleted that photo

‘’Lilly I’m pretty sure when Louis said to not tell anyone or tweet it I sure that also meant photo’’ she fake pouted

‘’but come on you look cute in that picture OMG did I just say that’’ she ask surprise I’m surprise too because I have never heard her complement anyone but herself

Flash back

‘’hey Lilly do I look good’’

‘’no comment But look at that sexy beast in the mirror’’ she said posing and checking herself out

‘’OMG look at that dress it looks so am-zing on you’’

“Awe really than-‘’

‘’Oh hi Ann when did you get here like I said I look amazing’’

‘’look at you too you’re going to have all the guys around you girls’’’

“Awe thanks Lilly’’ Ashley said

“You too bitch’’ Jessica said

“You do realize she talking about her boobs right?’’ I said to the poor girls who think she’d ever comment anyone but her self

‘’shut up Liz you just jealous she won’t comment you right Lilly’’



‘’what you just interrupted my pep talk with my girls’’ she said fixing her breast

‘’ I told you ‘’ I whisper to them and they just rolled their eyes

I snap back to realty when I felt being carried I move around but I couldn’t I was slug over someone shoulder

‘’vas happenin’ ’’ said Zayn

‘’Oh nothing the usual being commented by my stepsister and being carried for the SECOND TIME TODAY so nothing how bout you’’ he just laugh

‘’ I’m carry the a hot girl’’

I blush sleight what the hell I never blush stupid hormones

‘’hey Zayn can you put me down this s practically kidnap’’

‘’why I thought you like the view you getting’’ he said talking about his butt with is a nice view now seeing the bright side I might as well stay whoa no no no no!

‘’well I’m not and I don’t even know you that well’’

‘’well I am and your already know my name and my last name is Malik but like you didn’t know that’’

‘’I didn’t’’ and everyone laugh

‘’what do you know mine’’ ask Louis

‘’um t t Thomas- thomasly- Tomlinson? Yeah Tomlinson’’ he squealed and jump up

‘’hah she knows mine’’

“How come you know his’’

“him and harry is all they talk about in school mostly there ’bromance’ ”

‘’yeah he mine’’ Louie said while kissing harry on the check

‘’don’t worry you can have him’’

he put a hand over his heart and gasps

‘’I’m hurt Annie thought you wanted all of this’’ and I laugh we reach their car and pilled in

‘’to the flat’’

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