Him? or Him? O.o

Megan is finally meeting the boys, and seeing Louis and Lottie again! But is her Friend Jaiden jealous and not letting her date the boy she likes?


3. Zayn?!

Zayn just stood there. why is he just standing there? did I do something wrong? why didn't he say Hi to me earlier? 

"Zayn get your ass in here fans are going to kill you" screamed Louis from the back. Zayn backed up and closed the door. why is Zayn mad? does he know something I don't? we hear fans then a painful screech! I jumped out of the limo trying to find Zayn. there were tons of girls surrounding someone or something i saw Zayn's shoe..

" BITCHES MOVE!!! IF YOU DON'T MOVE I'LL KICK EVERYONE ONE OF YOUR ASSES!" I screamed. all but 3 girls backed away

" Why should we move? we are more of fans than YOU!" they all screamed at me all on que. I punched them in the face and they ran.

"ehh meee thaaa yooo whh yoo tii oo avv mh i beh eh ukk?" Zayn said wincing in pain.

" Zayn, don't speak" I started to cry. Zayn started freaking out. "Zayn calm down" He settled a little. " LIAM! HARRY! LOUIS! LOTTIE NIALL! JAIDEN! COME FAST ZAYN! HE'S HURT!" i said between sobs.

"I'll call the cops!" Liam screamed

" NO DON'T JUST PUT HIM IN THE CAR I'LL HELP HIM WHEN WE GET TO JAMES!!!" I said falling down crying. Jaiden was comforting while Liam, Louis , Harry, and Niall carried Zayn into the car.

we drive to james. Zayn is freaking out. why did he stay out there? why didn't he get in the car? why do I think it's my fault?

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