Him? or Him? O.o

Megan is finally meeting the boys, and seeing Louis and Lottie again! But is her Friend Jaiden jealous and not letting her date the boy she likes?


15. Where'd she go?!

Jaiden P.O.V. 

Alright that hurt.... emotionally more than physical... I mean Megan didn't even try too help me up... that isn't Megan... I admit it was funny but Megan would've usually came and helped me... she just laughed...  and then ran away? what's going on with her? I hope I didn't do anything wrong...


Emily P.O.V.


"Hey Jaiden, need help up?" I asked still laughing. "Sure... " He said on the verge of tears.... I may have just met these boys, but we're already super close. I can tell that Jaiden is inlove with Megan  and when she just ran away it hurt him... I need to find out why she ran... I ran up to our door.. 

"MEGAN! OPEN UP! WHAT'S GOING ON!?" I scream through the door. She didn't answer. Ohmy! "Megan please just open the door. come on. talk to me..!" I said yelling but more caring... Still no answer.. Then suddenly out of no where Jaiden was pushing me away... 

"Megan, Babe! Open the door I need to talk to you. Please" He said crying through the door. I am so confused what's going on!? Is something going on that I don't know about!?! "Megan JoLynn! Open this door right now or I'm going to break the lock!" He said nervous and angry. Wtf?


Jaiden P.O.V. 

I heard Emily screaming for Megan through their door... Megan always let's anyone in unless she's cutting. Oh god!

I ran as fast as I could up to her room pushing Emily away. I yelled through the door... No answer. Oh my! 

"Emily go get the Chicken box from the basement RIGHT NOW!!" I screamed. "Why?" she replied. "Just do it..." I replied softly.. I kept pounding on the door trying to get Megan to say something then Emily came back with the Chicken box. 

"Step back" I shouted at Emily as I threw the box at the ground causing it to open.. In the box was a screw driver and hammer. I took the screw driver and undid all the screws on the knob. I took the hammer steped back and hit the door knob into her room. I open the door and... Megan's not there.... 

"Emily check every where!!! I mean every where" I said walking to her bathroom door.... I turn the knob... it's locked.. "I CANT FIND HER!" Emily screamed. "Get the hammer and screw driver. I did the same thing I did to the bedroom door opened the door and there was a bloody trail to the window.... 

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