Him? or Him? O.o

Megan is finally meeting the boys, and seeing Louis and Lottie again! But is her Friend Jaiden jealous and not letting her date the boy she likes?


14. Uh oh...

Emily P.O.V.

I ran crying... how could she do this to me? HER OWN COUSIN!!!


Megan's P.O.V.

So uhm.... I was asleep and Beau jumped on top of me...

"What do you want Beau?" I said cranky "I wanted to see what was going on with Emily!!" he said with tears comping down.. "Just leave me alone I'm trying to sleep!" I said bitchy "But" Beau said getting cut off by a knock at the door.... "HOLD ON A SECoND" I said while moaning in pain because beau was jumping on me.... Then Emily Barged in..... This is sooo not what it looks like! 

"Emily! Emily Emily! It's not what it looks like honestly!!" I said tears streaming as I know she's heart broken.... "WHAT IS IT THEN?! YOU JUST WERE HAVING SEX WITH BEAU!!" She shouted... "Emily, If I was having sex with Beau why would I have clothes on? Why would I be crying? WHY WOULD I DO THAT TO MY BESTFRIEND AND COUSIN!? Emily you are my world.. I'd never want to do anything that would hurt you... He was just waking me up and me being my cranky ass didn't want to...!" I said quickly..."I'm sorry I thought.." "I know, I love you alright?" I said with a whisper and a kiss on her cheek..


Emily's P.O.V 

I feel so stupid... How could I ever think Megan would do that? she's my bestfriend and cousin... I can't believe I didn't trust her....  "I love you too Jelly Babies, Forever Couz!" I said with a smile.... 

Jaiden's P.O.V.

All I heard was screaming and crying.... what's going on.... I run quickly to the kitchen where I hear the crying... but on my way I fell down the steps... I'm such a klutz!!


Megan's P.O.V.

There was a loud thud... me and Emily went to see what happened... We walk out and there's Jaiden... Laying there.. Me and Emily start laughing our ass off... Jaiden is way too much like me... He's also very sexy... I could stare into his eyes all day.... His smile is perf- WHAT AM I THINKING?!?

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