Him? or Him? O.o

Megan is finally meeting the boys, and seeing Louis and Lottie again! But is her Friend Jaiden jealous and not letting her date the boy she likes?


13. That's not what I expected..

Megan's P.O.V.

It's 3am, Emily just woke up screaming... Btw we share a room.. She's such a roller! She's fallen off the bed already 6 times and we've only been asleep for 3 hours.... 

"Emily, What's wrong?" I asked worryingly... "Uh uhm SOMEONE IS IN MY FUCKING BED!!!!!" she shouted... I started laughing my ass off.... It's just Fuzball my kitten.... "MY BED IS ALL WET AND SMELLS BAD MEGAN!!" Hahahhaha omfg I forgot to tell her about Fuzball and how she needs to bed locked up or she'll piss on the beds... Whoops? ;)


Emily P.O.V.

So I found out Fuzball, Megan's orange tabby, pissed on my bed. I LOVE CATS AND ALL BUT IT FUCKING PISSED ON MY BED MY FUCKING BED MY FUCKING BED MY FUCKING PLACE I LIVE IN!!! Now I'm washing my sheets and blankets.... Doo do dooooo..... I'm going to go see what's Megan up to... I knock at our bedroom door.... 

"Hold on a secong" Megan says between MOANS? WTF!? I open the door to find.... Megan and Beau

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