Him? or Him? O.o

Megan is finally meeting the boys, and seeing Louis and Lottie again! But is her Friend Jaiden jealous and not letting her date the boy she likes?


18. Help.

Megan's POV

thsi sucks jaiden he's hidden. I don't know where I am right now. There jazmine. Why would she do this to me. Why would she help Connor. Even though she likes him why would she hurts. I never did anything to her not him. Connor Franta my ex boyfriend. He broke up with me. He cheated. Now he kidnapping me and rapin me. He's touching me.... Everything web black..


jaidens POV 

I can't are to watch this... Jazmine is cuttin her legs and he is rapin her.. She's not moving I think she's dying.... 

Stop this isn't right. You should never do tho to a girl special to your ecad best friend you horrible horrible people." I scream they b k off slowly.. I pull out a gun and my phone . I call the cops they're on their way with an ambles uncle.... Wht did this gun come from... I thought it away and all the guys...


lukes POV

mylive my baby I world is in the hospital because of an ex and bestfriend what type of people are they?

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