Fall Into the Stars

Zayn loved Emma. Emma loved Zayn. Their relationship wasn't perfect. They weren't like average couples, since they were always away from each other. Emma didn't like her life, herself, all she cared about was Zayn. Zayn wasn't exactly up for that, with him being away on tour all the time. He didn't think 'long distance', so say, would work out for them. When he leaves, she's driven to complete extremes.


8. Roses

-2 months later-

It was around Christmas, the streets decorated with dark evergreen wreaths carefully crafted together. Gleaming lights draped the roofs of houses, a thick white snow covered the ground. It was beautiful, the snow fell in delicate intervals. Zayn walked along the sidewalk of London, a scarf tied around his neck and a thick coat on his body. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked to the ground at the trail of footsteps that other pedestrians had left in their rush to get home. Each shop that lined the street had a warm light coming out of the windows, and in each were tens of people shopping for gifts. Zayn had bought his gifts ahead of time, for the boys and for his family. He bought a special gift for someone that he hasn't seen in a long time, since the day his world had slowly come to a halt. He shuffled past the sweet-smelling cafe, and past the clothing store that had just opened. He arrived at a small shop that had about three people in it. Zayn pulled his hand out of his pocket and yanked the door open. The smell of warm coffee overwhelmed him, like it always did when he arrived at this place. He walked into the back, flashing a smile at the workers that he had gotten to know so well.

"Zayn! Glad to see you!" The gruff old man know as James greeted him with a pat on the back and friendly smile. 

"James, you as well." Zayn sat down not bothering to take his coat off. James sipped his cup of coffee that he had in his hand. Zayn looked at him and gestured for him to sit on the plush couch that sat on the back wall away from the customers. 

"Something wrong?" James looked up with a worried expression and Zayn smiled and nodded no.

"No, no. I just wanted to say thank you. For everything you have done over the past three months. Ever since..it happened, I feel so much comfort from you and the employees here. You have become my family. So, I wanted to give this to you." Zayn pulled out a brown package from his coat. He smiled at James and handed it to him while James looked shocked. "Please, enjoy it. I know you've been looking for this for the past ten years. I was lucky to find it while in a bookstore around Amsterdam." James had a single tear roll out of his eye. Nobody would know how much this book meant to James, except Zayn of course. James had lost this book in a blowout sale of his house. He had stuffed it in a vase that was sold to a greedy customer. It was his father's, who was killed in World War II. Zayn was glad to see it brought so much happiness back into James' smile. He stood up, and walked out. The gust of cold air made his eyes close, but the warmth from the store kept him from freezing. He looked around and then at the watch that had been given to him as a birthday gift. It was almost eleven, and Zayn had no where to be. He decided to take a walk down memory lane, let his mind roam in the thoughts that he were terrified of. He made the right at the street light, and walked four blocks down. Bits and pieces of the night she died came in his head, and he cringed but didn't shove them away. He remembered them driving to the hospital, but arrived only to be greeted with horrifying news. Nobody understood why Emma wanted to kill herself. She never talked about it to anyone, or showed any signs of the thought. The thing that scared Zayn the most was that if he hadn't been stupid enough to leave, she would have been here next to him. Walking the streets of a cold December night with him, hand in hand. Zayn looked up, looked at the stars that reminded him so much and screamed. He shouted at the top of his lungs releasing all the stress, anger, and sadness into the air. He screamed until no noise came out of his mouth. He sat on the cold steps of her house, and held his head in his hands. 

"Emma, if you can hear me. Please, show me. I need to know you're with me. I can't do this without you, love." Zayn held his breath for the thing that he was waiting for, a whisper or a gust of wind, he didn't know. When he got no response he just wanted to cry. To cry and forget about everything that had happened. But he didn't. He got up, wiped his hands and bum off and smiled at the sky. "I love you, Emma. I love you." A harsh gust of wind blew past him carrying snowflakes but it was soft at the same time. The sudden smell of roses overcame his nose and he knew Emma was there. He chuckled a bit and walked off to the hotel where he had once stayed. When he arrived, the four boys he loved as brothers were there waiting. They waited for Zayn to get into the room they were staying, and when he did they all stood in silence. Louis walked between Harry and Liam, holding a white envelope in his hand. 

"You never did read this, mate." The words left his mouth like raindrops from a cloud, he looked as if he was about to lose himself. Harry put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and smiled solemnly at him. Zayn looked at the letter for a minute, processing the situation in his mind. He hadn't read the letter for a reason. Closing his eyes to push past the horrifying memories, he took the envelope out of Louis hand and opened it carefully.


Hello my love. I'm so, so sorry about everything. Everything I did that made you feel upset, or angry, or hurt. I always hated seeing you like that, and I always will. Now listen, I didn't do this to myself because of you or any other soul on this Earth. I did it for myself. Even with you there, I couldn't get past the life I lived as a young and growing girl. It killed me inside until eventually I was just an old soul in a dead body. You gave me life, Zayn. On days where you were with me, I would feel happy. I felt like a flower just bloomed in my chest or a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I always said to myself that I wanted to know what it would be like to not rely on someone for once, you know? It was hard. It was so hard, I couldn't keep it up. I tried to be strong, for you. But I failed, and I'm sincerely sorry. I honestly love you, Zayn. So much it hurts to think about it. Ever since I met you, my mind was plastered with pictures of you're sweet, beautiful face. I'll love you forever. In this envelope is a gift. The boys, my best friends, know about this already. Please, open it. I won't be hurt if you say no. I love you so much and I'm sorry.

                                                                                                                                  Love, Emma

Zayn closed his mouth before letting a giant wail escape from his throat. He held back his tears and pulled out of the envelope a box that was covered in a deep plum colored velvet. He opened the box and saw a golden ring that sparkled in the dim light. Under the ring was a note written in careful handwriting that Zayn could always point out.

'Will you marry me?' Zayn's tears escaped his eyes and rolled down his face. The salty water fell into his mouth and down his neck until it dropped onto his old t-shirt. He knew that Emma would always be in his heart, and he loved her. He still loves her. Zayn took the ring out of the box, and slipped it on his finger. He walked to the sliding balcony doors and screamed at the top of his lungs,






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