Fall Into the Stars

Zayn loved Emma. Emma loved Zayn. Their relationship wasn't perfect. They weren't like average couples, since they were always away from each other. Emma didn't like her life, herself, all she cared about was Zayn. Zayn wasn't exactly up for that, with him being away on tour all the time. He didn't think 'long distance', so say, would work out for them. When he leaves, she's driven to complete extremes.


7. Letters

Zayn looked at the sticky note Emma had stuck in the window. Were the letters really this important? He sighed and picked them up, carrying them away. He walked past the bookstore, past the club, and to the hotel the boys stayed at. He entered the hotel, ignoring the deafening shrieks coming from the fans that crowded the lobby. Clutching the letters, he entered the awaiting elevator. Pressing the button that lead to the tenth floor, he leant against the cool metallic wall in the elevator. He took deep breaths, calming his nerves. When the elevator finally stopped, he calmly walked out pulling the key out of his back pocket. When he walked in, Louis was there pacing. 

"Zayn! Where the hell have you been," Louis yelled, walking over to Zayn hugging him. Zayn let Louis hugging him, his body going slack in his arms. Zayn let a tear fall on the boys shoulder, and Louis pulled him out of the hug. "Zayn, what's wrong." Zayn sighed and held up the letters. He walked over to his bed and threw them down, falling on top of them.

"Emma." Zayn heard Louis gasp in shock.

"You saw her today?" He walked over and sat next to Zayn.

"Yes. It was not good, she didn't want to talk to me." Louis patted Zayn's back kindly.

"I'm sorry, mate. What are those letters?" Zayn sat up, and picked them up. Playing with the loose tails of the bow.

"I don't know. She gave them to me and told me to read them." Zayn ran his finger over the thick envelopes, the smoothness feeling rough under his caluses. 

"I'll leave you to it, then." Louis walked out of the room, leaving Zayn in silence. Zayn closed his eyes, thinking. What were in the letters. Why were they so important. Why did Emma throw them to him instead of giving them to him in person? He slowly peeled the string off, and took the first letter. It was neatly folded together, and he ripped the envelope open. Zayn unfolded the white piece of paper and started to read.


If you're reading this, it means you've decided to come by and see me. Well, I don't want to talk. I mean I do, but I can't because it will just make me hurt even more. I'm sorry that we broke up. If I never met you, this wouldn't have happened. If you're hurting right now, please don't. You shouldn't hurt because of me. I'm not worth it, Zayn. I love you, I love you so much. I'm trying to forgive and forget, but I'm having trouble. When I first met you, I was afraid that I would get hurt. I never grew up with love, and I was scared of the concept. You showed me what love is, Zayn. You showed me how to love and be loved. I thank you for that. The three drops of blood on this paper, don't worry about it. I only shed three drops, every day. It's the three words you took from me. I love you, remember those?               

                                                                                                                                 love, Emma

Zayn let a tear drop, and he took the next one.


I'm sorry. I was so strong in the first letter, but now I'm breaking down. I'm crying while writing this, I could cry a river. You won't believe what I saw today. I don't know if you remember, but there was a cat on the road. It was so cute, and you picked it up and held it forever not caring about what could happen to you. You held it, and it was the first time I thought, "I'm going to marry him someday." Of course, that didn't happen, but boy do I wish it did. You were and are my whole life. I love you, I love you so much. Please don't hurt because of me, I don't want you to hurt. I never liked when you cried.

                                                                                                                                 love, Emma

Zayn was crying by now, tears falling on each letter and joining the three drops of blood. Zayn looked through all the letters, each saying something the same about a memory Emma and Zayn shared. He picked up the last letter, the most recent.


You've read all my letters by now, and you get why I wrote them. Today you came over, but I had no idea why. You just came, wishing to talk to me but I said no. I shoved you out of my flat, and I'm glad I did. If I would have listened, everything I ever planned would have been ruined. You don't understand what's about to happen to me, but please. Stay at your hotel. You left a chain here, the elephant one. I'm wearing it now, I will be for the rest of my life. The last memory was here, today. You kissed me. That was the best kiss I've ever experienced, Zayn. That kiss, that kiss showed me you still loved me. And I love you. Don't freak out, dear. Please, tell the boys that I love them, and thank everyone that was in my life. The man at the bookstore, the fans that we met near the fair, the boys, my sister, my grandmother, everyone. Especially you. I love you forever.

                                                                                                                                love, Emma

Zayn stood up and ran out of the hotel. He ran down the street, past the club, past the bookstore, and finally to Emma's flat. He ran up the stairs and banged on the door. 

"EMMA. EMMA, OPEN UP!" He kept knocking, but nobody answer. He stood there, tears slipping out from his eyes. He kept knocking, knocking and finally kicked the door down. "EMMA, WHERE ARE YOU!" He looked all over the house, he ran up the stairs and opened her bedroom. He looked around, crying and screaming her name. He found a sticky note on the wall, it said 'Look in the bathroom. I love you, don't blame yourself. It's all my decision. x' He ran into the bathroom, and found Emma lying in a puddle of blood, eyes open and breathing heavily. "EMMA!" Zayn collapsed next to her, in hysterics. He held her blood covered body in his arms, crying onto her. 

"Z-z-zayn," she gasped, blood spurting out of her mouth.

"Emma, no, stay with me. I love you, I love you so much. Please, PLEASE!" He took out his phone and dialed 911, rushing them to come. Emma looked at him, focusing her eyes on his hazel ones. Her breathing became short and Zayn cried on her, moving hair out of her face. He kissed her over and over, on her face, her lips, her forehead, everywhere.

"T-th-e dra-draw-e-er.." her eyes focused on the bathroom drawer and Zayn didn't look, he kept his eyes on her.

"Emma, look at me. Baby, look at me. I love you. I love you, please. Stay with me, please. I'm so sorry, please Emma, please." Emma smiled slowly, so slowly it was painful to watch. She once again whispered out in between breaths the drawer. Zayn reached for the drawer, yanking it open. "What is it, Emma. Tell me what it is." Emma gasped, coughing roughly.

"L-l-l-ett-er," he took out the white envelope, and placed it next to her. The ambulance had just gotten here, and they ran into the apartment. Emma's eyes focused on Zayn, and they slowly became dead.

"Emma, Emma no. Emma, stay with me. Please, you'll be okay, please. I love you, I love you baby. Please. PLEASE!" Emma attempted to blow a kiss at him, and he leaned down to kiss her. "Emma, Emma please."

"I-I-I lo-l-love y-you," she gasped slowly, and her breathing came to a stop. Zayn was a mess, collapsing on her chest and crying. 

"EMMA, EMMA. EMMA, PLEASE. I LOVE YOU, PLEASE." The emergency people rushed in, picking Emma up and placing her on a stretcher they carried up to her. Zayn was on his knees, his sobs racked his body. He looked at the blood on the floor, his hands covered in it. He realized the letter was next to him, and he slipped it in his pocket. The boys were here now, and they ran up the stairs into the apartment.

"Zayn, let's go to the hospital. She'll be okay, come on mate." Liam picked Zayn up, tears spilling from all of their eyes. Niall helped Zayn into the car, Zayn's breath becoming short as he cried more. Harry hugged him tightly, wrapping his long arms around him and comforted him. Zayn just cried on his shoulder, not caring what anyone thought. The love of his life was gone. Harry kept hearing Zayn whisper something in between sobs.

"I love you, Emma. I love you."





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