Fall Into the Stars

Zayn loved Emma. Emma loved Zayn. Their relationship wasn't perfect. They weren't like average couples, since they were always away from each other. Emma didn't like her life, herself, all she cared about was Zayn. Zayn wasn't exactly up for that, with him being away on tour all the time. He didn't think 'long distance', so say, would work out for them. When he leaves, she's driven to complete extremes.


3. Dreaming

Zayn came home at 9:00, the sweet smell of his cologne blended with the faint reek of smoke and she could tell he was stressed. He only smoked when he was under a lot of pressure. The door slammed and Emma creeped out of her room slowly to look at her boyfriend.

His dark hair was a mess, strands in every which way. He stood tall, his worn brown boots still on his feet, standing by the sink. His face was illuminated by the faint kitchen light over the stove, dark purple circles under his eyes from his lack of sleep.

Emma sighed and walked out of her room, stepping quietly over the mahogany floors careful not to make a loud noise. Zayn caught a faint creek in the floorboards, and Emma was caught. He put his glass of vodka down on the counter and it sloshed in his cup. He walked over to Emma and hugged her gently, sighing into her hair and giving her forehead a quick kiss. 

"Zayn, you're tired. Go to bed." Emma whispered, running her nimb, long fingers through his messy hair.

"I'm fine, Emma. You should be in bed, don't you have something to do tomorrow?" He took her by the shoulders, spinning her around and walking to the room they shared. Emma nodded her head, placing her cold hand over Zayn's warm ones, rough caluses rubbing against bare skin. 

"Zayn, out of all the people that need sleep, you're one of them. Look at these circles under your eyes!" She spun around, stopping him in his tracks. She ran her thumb under his eyes, and he yawned loudly. Together they walked into the bedroom, Zayn kicking off his boots and peeling off his coat on the way in. He stripped his clothes and jumped into the shower, closing the door behind him.

Emma closed her eyes and placed his shoes neatly next to the door. She hung his coat in the closet and pulled a pair of pajama pants and boxers out of Zayn's drawer. She wondered what was wrong, whether it was just a long day at work or something else. 

She pulled the blankets on the bed down, ready for when Zayn decided to plop into their comfort and drift into a sleep. Zayn took his time in the shower, washing the scents of outside off of his body. When he got out of the shower, he pulled a beige cashmere towel off the rack and dried himself off, shaking water droplets off his skin. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he opened the bathroom door to find the lights dimmed, his pajamas laid out, and a glass of water by the bedside table. Emma knew exactly what he needed.

He pulled the boxers and pants over himself, and laid down in the memory foam mattress and sipped the water. Zayn really did love Emma. He didn't want to let her go, but he knew he would have too. He couldn't make his mind up, but when he thought the decision was made, Emma just made all feelings disappear. His work was too 'hands on'. Since he was in a band, he never got a break from the long nights and early mornings. And poor Emma, barely got to see Zayn and when she did it was only when he was at his worst. 

Emma walked in, believing Zayn had fallen asleep and turned the lights completely off, the switch clicking when she touched it. The fan was on now, and the cool air felt nice against Zayn's warm body. He felt the bed move when Emma climbed in slowly, and she moved over next to him laying her head against his chest. Emma sighed, happily in love, and Zayn felt a tear burning at his eye. He shoved the thought into the back of his mind, not wanting to leave her unhappy. Emma fell asleep shortly, and Zayn followed, darkness blocking his vision as his eyelids closed.


"Emma, please. Please stop! I can barely handle this too."

"I thought you loved me Zayn! I thought you cared about me!" Tears fell out of her eyes with every word.

"Emma, I do. I care about you with my every breath, every blink, every heartbeat. And me leaving, this is me caring about you. I don't want to hurt you anymore."


She grabbed a knife from the drawer and ran it across her stomach, a deep gash taking it's place on her soft, blemish free skin.

"EMMA! STOP!" I cried, running towards her. The room got longer as she kept running the blood filled knife over her body, destroying it. I felt constricted, tied to the wall. I couldn't move at all. "EMMA!" 

Her breaths came short and she collapsed on the floor, multiple wounds gushing blood. 

"I l-loved y-y-you.." her breath stopped and her hypnotizing blue eyes became dead, the sparkle gone. 

"EMMA! EMMA, NO! DON'T LEAVE ME!" I could finally move and right as I did, she disappeared.

Zayn sat up quickly, sweat pouring down his face and tears streaming from his eyes. He blinked open his eyes and looked to his left, seeing an unharmed, sleeping Emma next to him. He hugged her tightly, squeezing her awake. 

"Zayn, baby, what's the matter?"She wondered, shocked while she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"You're safe, you're okay. Thank God. Thank God." He hugged her tighter, and kissed her gently over and over again.

"Za-zayn, what are you talking about! I've been here the whole time!" Emma looked at him in confusion and he just sighed in pure happiness. Emma placed her hand on the side of his face, tracing her thumb on his defined jaw line. 

"I had a d-dream where you were upset and you cut your beautiful self, you cut yourself so many times you died. And I couldn't move, I was tied to the wall while I had to watch you do this to yourself. I, I just-" He broke down into tears, and Emma wrapped him in a giant, comforting hug.

"Zayn. Zayn, look at me. I'm okay. I'm right here. That will never happen. I could never do that to you. I promise, okay? Look at me. Okay?" He looked into her eyes, and nodded. Emma wiped away the tears and pressed him gently back down onto the bed, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "I love you, Zayn. Go to sleep now, love."

He sighed and mumbled quietly back to her.

"I love you, too."



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