Your Heart is a Mess

Some say love is blind, but not in my case. I could see clear enough. The more I saw, the more It hurt.


2. Morning

Violet! Violet!

I woke up. The sun was streaming into my room. It was blinding. I rubbed my eyes and squirmed at the face peering at me.

Breakfast is ready. But first, you have to brush your teeth.

I stared at her. She went to the bed side drawer and brought out some stuff. Then she motioned for me to sit up. I pulled the covers off me and stared down.

No wasting of time now. She said. Sit up, you can do it.

I did. With my hands pressed down on the bed, I sat up. I've been sitting up for months now. She handed me the tootbrush, a glass of water and a basin. I proceeded to brush my teeth. Just the way I've done before. The way my mother taught me to.

In a circular motion Violet.

I know mom. I've not forgotten

Alright. Just making sure.

I was ten, and my mother was still reminding me how to brush my teeth. The steps and techniques involved. That was my mother for you. She always had a way of doing things, and every thing had a way to be done. The grace must be said before each meal, you must brush your teeth and take a shower before breakfast. And at the dinning, no talking while eating.

George could you stop? You are setting a not so good example for the kids.

That was mom admonishing dad each time he chatted away at dinner about work, business, and the people he met that day.

Grace, what other time do I have to interact with my family? Calm down.

Dad was a very busy businessman, and a wealthy one at that.


I looked up.

Your breakfast will get cold if you keep brushing your teeth. The lady said to me.

I rinsed my mouth and then handed her the basin. She gave me a warm towel to wipe my face and then wheeled my breakfast towards me. She placed the tray and opened the bowl. It contained grits, sausage and some broccoli. There was a cup of orange juice by the side.

I will be back later to clear the tray. She said.

I just looked at her, and then procedeed to eat my breakfast


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