Your Heart is a Mess

Some say love is blind, but not in my case. I could see clear enough. The more I saw, the more It hurt.


1. Let Me Go.

I saw my mom crying and my dad seemed to be in pain. I was in a corner screaming. Screaming so loud for help. In a twist, I saw myself sinking into a hole. I called out again for help and I saw someone coming my way. I smiled, it was someone I knew. And just then, the person smiled back and turned away. I screamed out again in my dream.


I woke up in a panic. I was sweating profusely. This was the third time having the same pattern of dream.


There was a loud crashing sound downstairs. I clutched my pillow in fear and listened to the sound downstairs. After a few minutes, I could hear heavy footsteps approaching the stairs. I tried to hide, but it seemed like I was transfixed to the spot. It kept approaching, I could hear it getting closer and closer. I saw the shadow under my door. It paused. Then, It seemed to disappear. After a few minutes, I heard a scream. A loud scream, then a shot.


It sounded so sharp and echoed into the midnight. Then I heard a voice.

Everything ok?

Yes. Another voice responded from downstairs.

The first voice was a voice I thought I've heard before. It sounded so familiar. So distantly familiar.

I was shaking, I couldn't run. I thought I was going to pass out. Just then, my bedroom door opened and the last thing I saw was a black shadow walking in. I heard it call my name.


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