The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


5. When You Walk Through The Door

The door slightly opens and I see Louis running around with a carrot in this mouth, Liam chasing him, Zayn on the couch sleeping, Niall was eating cerial on the floor. Harry was the one who opened the door. "Ello Syd!" Before I could reply Louis bumped into Niall spilling some of his cerial and jumped on Zayn. "STRAIGHT IN THE BALLS LOU!"

I chuckled and so did Harry. Niall stood up and took his shirt off right there, he was about the take off he pants by Harry came to my rescue. "Lady in the house!" Niall turned around and with red cheeks he pulled up his pants but didn't put his shirt back on.

"IT'S SYDNEY!! HARRY'S SEX GURLLL! HEY SEXY GURLLLLL!" Louis shouted. "Nice to see you too sexy boy!" I shouted back. "Ello, love! I'm Liam, I take it your Sydney, eh?" I heard his accent and my heart melted. Danielle is sooo lucky! "Yes my name is Syd, but apparently I'm Harry's sex girl! But I prefer Syd." In harmony the all said, "Hi Syd!" "We'll hello!" Harry scurried me down a hall to what I guess is his room. "Use protection! We don't want any little Harry's running around!" Lou shouted. I just realized that Harry was holding my hand! AGAIN! He opened a door to a very fancy living space. It was a bedroom, with a couch, tables, chairs, and a mini kitchen with a bathroom next to it. WOAHHHH!

He let go of my hand and sat down on the bed. He was still in his pjs. I flopped on the couch and just looked around the white room. "Nice isn't is?" "Very so!" I answered. "Soo what do you wanna do today? Just you and me, unless you want the trouble makers!" Think Sydney think! "How about some lunch? I'm starved!" Lunch! Good call Syd! "Sounds great in going to get dressed you can hang out with the lads until I'm ready. I'll only be a second!" "Okay!" I walked out the room and headed to the living room. The boys were watching Sponge Bob. Oh no! Suddenly Louis turned to me and screamed, "He was quick today! You naughty boy!" Harry shouted back from his room, "Shut up Lou!" I walked over to an open seat but Lou patted the seat next to him. "Sit here Sexy Girl!" "Thanks Lou!" Oh jeez this can't be good. I sat down on the cold leather couch and watched some Sponge Bob but Louis! Oh Louis!

"So Syd was it good? Did he treat you right?" I scanned my brain for an answer, "Lou he was Extrodinharry! He is a true gentleman! He is treating me to lunch." "You lucky girl! He never takes me out!" Suddenly Niall got in the convo. "Because every time he takes you, you get kicked out!" I laughed, HARD. "THAT'S NOT TRUE! STOP LAUGHING SYDNEY! IT WAS ONLY ONCE!" Suddenly Harry walked out and said, "No Lou, it was three times!" Haha! Oh Louis!! Harry looked nice in a Jack Willis shirt and jeans with Nike's. Hot!!!

"Are you ready?" "Yes I am," "BE BACK BY TWO YOU HUNK!" Louis entered. Harry gave him the thumbs up and we walk out of the building hand in hand
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