The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


17. Twitcams & Pranks

I flopped down next to Harry. I was so beat! Harry took me to lunch, a signing, to the concert, and to Mcdonalds all in one day. This was probably the best day of my life. Harry stared into my eyes and thanked me. "For what?" I asked. "I heard you and Liam. That was amazing of you Syd." I smiled and he kissed me.

Niall walked over to us and said, "Do you guys wanna do a twit cam?" It was almost three in the morning! "Why not?" I said. Louis and Zayn were getting showers and Liam was talking to Danielle! I am truly a love doctor! Niall brought the laptop over and wedged between Harry and I. He did a countdown until it came up. "4,3,2,1!" "Hello twitter! It is 3:10 in the morning here in Pittsburgh. And Niall and my girlfriend Syd are here. Say hello!" Harry said to the camera. "Ello twit!" Niall shouted. "Hello!" I said in my best British accent.

"That was horrible! I'm sorry I'm American so yes I'm am the oddball!" Harry and Niall laughed at me. "Haha so funny! Well any questions twitter?" Questions poured down the side bar. Niall read it,"How does it feel to have Harry's gravy! I think that's for you Syd!" Niall said and chuckled. Harry started laughing so hard that he was claping his hands and his face was beat red. "I don't even know how to answer that! I don't have Harry's gravy. And apparently that question is hilarious!"

We answered a few boring questions then one caught my eye. 'Prank call Louis' Harry and I turned to each other. I pulled out my Iphone and pulled up Louis number and I pressed *67. I heard Louis grunt and pick up the phone.

Louis: "Ello! Who is this?"

Me: *Breathing heavily* "Hi Louis! I am your biggest fannnn!"

Louis: "Well I'm your biggest fan! How are ya love?"

Me: "Fabulouis now that I'm calling you! I just love you Louis! I saw the picture of you and Sydney on twitter! You are so funny!"

Louis: "Well thank you love! Hey, how did you get this number?"

Me: "Well Harry leaked it silly! So you might be getting a few calls!"


We turned the computer to face Louis who stomped in. The fans were laughing the buts off! Louis looked really mad! "Hazza why did you leak my number?" Harry was laughing too hard to respond. This got him more mad. He leaped onto Harry and gave him the evil eye. He then realized the twitcam.

"Am I-" Niall jumped on this one, "It was a prank for the fans Lou!" He was not so mad now. He gave me an evil eye. "Why me Lou!?!" I shouted. "Because it was you on the phone! See directioners you wait I will get them back!" Louis walked out the room. "Lets hide all of Zayn's hairspray! And Louis suspenders!" Harry whispered to the camera. Niall ran and grabbed Louis stuff while Lou was in the kitchen and Harry grabbed Zayn's hair things while I talked to the camera.

"So are are yinz? Did yinz like the concert? While the lads are grabbing the things we can talk! Ask any questions!"

'Are you pregnant'

That was the one that stood out "NO NO NO! I am not!" I could not help but chuckle a bit. At that the guys ran down the stairs and threw the things in a drawer. We said that we would update everyone tomorrow and said good night. Niall headed on his own way while Harry and I went to his room.

I went to his bathroom with my bag and put my hair up, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. I walked out to find Harry lying in the bed all ready dressed. "Goodnight babe." He whispered. "Goodnight Harry." I kissed him softly. We layed there for awhile until I fell asleep in the strong arms.
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