The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


29. The Secret Elevator

Two an a half innings later and one home run later......

As the game nears to the end the score is 3-1. In the eighth inning Michael McKenry Hit a two run home run. That resulted in ten more minutes of explaining. It ended with "Oh!" and "I get it now!" As the last out was made Harry stood up and clapped, Niall followed and shouted,

"WOOOW!! PIIIIRRATEEESSS!" This made me laugh. This boys sure can make a girl laugh! I grabbed my Gift Shop bags before I could forget. The Stadium started to clear out and Harry grabbed my hand as we entered back inside the building. Niall trotted ahead as he went down the V.I.P stairs.

I loved spending time with Harry. He really does light up my world. We were back on the main ground and ran outside. Hand in hand, Harry and I crossed the street with Niall close behind.

Harry stopped to take in his position, then he made a left and two rights, and we were behind our parking garage. There was a blue door. Niall ran ahead and opened it inside there was a hidden elevator with an UP botton. Niall clicked it and the door pinged open.

"You sure know hidden routes!" I said to Harry. "You have to!" He said. We got in and I pressed 8. After some terrible elevator music and eight floors later we arrived in front of Harry's black Range Rover.

"Ho-" I was about to ask but he interupted me. "I saw it before we left to go to the game." He said. I nodded my head. I jumped in front and shut the door as the radio started.

"Sources say that Niall Horan and Harry Styles of the British Boy Band One Direction were said to be at PNC Park this afternoon. Harry was with his new girlfriend and native Pittsburgher, Sydney Johnston. Fans have lined the streets outside."

"Oh Shi-" Niall started before Harry's phone stopped him. It was a text. "Paul said that they have security blocking a path that passes The Duquense Incline. Anyone wanna go for a ride?"

Harry said. "Yes!" Niall shouted. "Wait what's an Incline?" Niall continued. "You'll see." Harry said while programing the navigator to take us to the Incline. Yayyy! This ought to be fun!
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