The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


25. Snowglobes & Fans

While Harry and Niall went to our seats with the food, I thought I would stop and get all five boys a gift. There were only a few people wandering around the store and only two employees. Perfect! I looked at all the gifts. What to get them.

I saw a comb and matching mirror that said, 'I <3 Pittsburgh', it was perfect for Zayn. I kept searching, I pulled out a Pirate pillow for Liam, a Pirate had for Niall, and for Louis I got him a large picture if Downtown Pittsburgh. I wandered around a little bit more. What can I get Harry? I want it to be special. I had a teddy bear in my hand but I decided not to. Just then a girl about my age and her three friends came up to me.

"Are you Sydney Rose?" The brunett haired girl asked. She seemed nice and sincer. "Yes" I replied quickly. They all turned to each other mini fangirling. "Do you mid taking a few pictures with us?" The blonde asked. "I wouldn't mind at all!" I said smiling. Another blonde emerged and posed next to me. I smiled my best and she giggled. "Thank you!!!" She cheered.

15 Minutes Later

After posing until my jaw hurt and my hand was cramping the girls were done. They had gotten all their photos and autographs. The girls were very nice though. I still didnt know what to get Harry. I mean I want it to show my love for him and were we met. That is when I saw it. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was a black and gold snow globe that had the city of Pittsburgh. It was in a glass case. I walked up to a male clerk who look to be in his mid to late twenties. "Can I buy this?" I asked him.

He nodded and said, "You can get it personalized as well." I thought. He took me up to the front desk and showed me the glass letters and I picked out, 'Where We Met". He opened the globe and slowly placed the letters in front of the city. Then he placed the glass lid on top and glued it down.

"That will be $47.29." The clerk said. That was just for the snow globe. I put the other items on the desk and the toal reached, $72.78. I handed the money over and asked for separate bags for each. I think the boys will love them.
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