The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


28. Seventh Inning Stretch & An Old Flame

The innings past by like lighning. It was now the 'Seventh Inning Stretch'. Its when the fans sing 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' and 'God Bless America'.

"All fans please rise and follow the Eatin' Park Smiley Cookie as we sing 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame!"

The announcer boomed. The boys rose up quickly and put there right hand over their heart. "Guys you don't have to do that for this song! Just sing to the lyrics on the screen!" I laughed. They quickly removed their hands and Harry grabbed my waist. I could get used to this....

"Take me out to the BBBBAAAALLLLLGGGAAMMEEE!" We all sang. The song continued until my favourite part came, "Because its ONNNEEE, TWOOO, THREEEEE strikes and your out at the old BAALGAMEEEEEEEE!" I sang loudly.

Harry turned to me and chuckled. The song was over but a man in a miltary uniform started singing, "God Bless America". I gave Harry a look that said 'Put Your Hand Over Your Heart'. He got the message and nudged Niall. They had done pretty good at these American sports things. The song ended with a mini fireworks show.

"Ahhhh! Pretty colours!" Harry and Niall said at the same time while pointing. These boys! Everyone sat down and the game was back on. I checked my phone it was almost three in the afternoon. The game should end around fourish.

"I am thirsty Harry!" Niall said. Harry looked at Niall, "Syd do you want anything?" He asked. "Umm how about a water?" I said. He nodded his head as him and Niall got up to get drinks. As Harry and Niall walked inside someone came and sat next to me.

"You know what he wants right?" A voice said. I looked up and saw one of my ex-boyfriends, Jarred Kinner. He was great until he shoved his tounge down Amiee Jackson's throat in front of me. I had ended it two months ago, I used to call him 'The One' but not now!

"What do you want?" I said in a nasty tone. "Jeeze! No need for attitude! I just wanted to warn you about him, you know how superstars are. They say anything and everything, and get what they want then they dump you." He said cockey.

"Will you just go away? I don't even like you." I responded. He acted like he took offense. "Well then! Look what I get for trying to help Amiee!" He stabbed back. I turned my head to the left and in the aisle was Amiee standing there snickering.

"Well don't say that I didn't warn you! I woundn't want you to get hurt." He finished. He got up and walked away with her. He just past Harry and Niall. The words stuck in my head. Don't want to see you get hurt. Was that a threat?

"Hey babe. Here ya go." He said while leaning down and kissing me. I grabbed my drink while trying to forget about what just happened.
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