The Brit Who Stole My Heart

This is Sydney's Story:
Sydney Rose is your average seventeen year old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But when she meets and falls in love with Harry Styles of One Direction her world gets turned upside down. When she finally falls in love Harry has to go back to the UK. What will happen? Will their relationship survive?


1. The Brit

Today is May 15, 2012, a bit more of school is left. I'm making my way down Henderson Way towards Starbucks. My favourite place to go. Although its warm out it never hurts to have a good old cup of joe. It's just me my brothers are down the street at American Eagle. The fresh welcoming breeze of Starbucks hits me. Yummy!

I walk in and my Toms smack the floor, there is only two business men and a women with a miss behaving child inside. I walk up to order and hand the man $6.71. I wait while my coffee is being made. I brush my fingers through my long dirty brown hair. I stop when I see him walk through the door. He looks a bit familiar. He is rockin a Jack Willis red hoodie and beige pants with Chuck Taylors hugging his feet. He has shades that are protecting his eyes and has his hood up. Hmmmm. So familiar.

He walks pasts me and says, "Ello love," I twist my head and reply, "Hello, British eh?" An accent hot! "Just a bit!" He smirks. "A double chocolatey chip for Sydney." Inturpts our convo. "Thank You." I head over to a stool and drink my frap. I check twitter and messages.

'I'm gonna enjoy my drink for a bit'

Is what I text my brother Max. He is my eldest brother. He is 19. A med student! Who could have guessed! I turn my music on 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction blares. The Brit (what I decide to call him) walks over to the stool next to me whilst drinking his coffee and sits next to me. "Hey, love. Mind if I take a seat?" I smile and reply, "Not at all!" "Nice tune." "I know right I love One Direction! It sucks that they're sooo far!"
He just turns his head towards me and smiles. "Who is your favourite? Mine is Zayn." He says. A male Directioner! "I honestly love 'em all but Louis is special." "Oh really? Not Harry? He is a bit of the ladies man?"

I reach for my cup and I see he has taken off his hood, curly black hair? Woah! Hold on is this who I think it is?!? I start to say, "Ha-" before he clamps his warm hand over my mouth. "Shhh don't want a mob, eh?" I shake my head no and he removes his hand off my mouth. Harry fricken Styles just touched me! Sydney Rose Johnston!

"How- when- wha-?" Is all I could spit out. I am really dying inside but I'm trying to keep my cool. "Are you okay your face is red as a cherry!" I can barely keep from fangirling. I have known him for five minutes and I find out he's fricken Harry Styles!!! "I'm sorry for springing it on ya love!" I quickly respond, "I am so sorry for calling Lou my favourite! How did ya get to Pittsburgh? The US?" "Well you see we flew on a-" I didn't even let him finish! Sorry Harry!

"All of yinz are here?!?" "Yeah, Lou has them at McDonalds. I can tell your a big fan, do you want something signed?" Ohh my! "Yess!" Wait I didn't have anything for him to sign! "How about the cup?" He adds.

I hand over my cup to him and in three seconds flat he had it signed in blue pen. "Thank you!!!" I spit out. "Do you wanna go go for a walk? I promise I'm not a serial killer!" Obviously! I get up and Harry and I walk out the door together!!
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