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Kiana is forced to move to Ireland because her parents are having issues. She moves to a house where there are forests all around her because her mom enjoys the peace and quiet. But when her mom leaves, Kiana hears a whole bunch of noise, and laughter. She goes to check out what it is, and she soon finds out that One Direction are her neighbors.


3. Studio

   I groan and roll over on my bed but something stops me. I groaned even louder and reached out to what was stopping me. I felt an arm so I opened my eyes. It was Brooke, she was just staring down at me with no emotion. I squint my eyes and just stared at her until she did something. She quickly got up and started jumping up and down on my bed.

   "Kiana get up! Get up, get up,get up!" She screams.

   "What?!" I yelled furiously back at her, "I'm so tired!" I look over at the clock, "It's freaking 7 in the morning," I groan and roll out of bed.

   "Zayn... is downstairs!" She squeals and jumps around.

   "Ha, I told you. You thought I was lying, well now you know I wasn't! Wait.. how and why are you here?" I scratched the back of my head.

   "Your mom called me, I have no idea why but I'm glad she did," She smiles at me.

   "So you forgive me?" I ask returning the smile.

   "Mm, yeah!" She pulls me in for a really tight hug, "Now, let's go chit-chat with Zayn Malik from One Direction!" She nudges my arm. I chuckle and start to walk outside into the hallway.

   I look down from the hall to see Zayn sitting on the couch twiddling with his thumbs. There was a sudden knock on the door and Harry walks in. I look back at Brooke to see her eyes widen even bigger than they were before. I smile at her while she digs her nails into my arm. I start to calmly walk down the stairs and pretend that I didn't notice they were in my living room.

   "Kiana!" Zayn says. I whip my head in his direction to see him standing up and smiling.

   "Who is this?" Harry slides over beside Brooke and smiles.

   "She's-" I got cut off.

   "I'm Brooke, and you're Harry!" She tries to stay calm but there was just too much excitement in her.

   "Oh, so you're Brooke. Nice to meet you, are you going to come along?" Harry looks at me and Zayn for an answer.

   "Go where?" Brooke asks.

   "I don't know, can she?" I look up at Zayn.

   "Go where?!" This time Brooke yelled it.

   "If she wants to," Zayn replied.

   "WHERE?!" Brooke screams with all her power.

   "The studio,"  Harry looks at Brooke with his eyes glistening.

   "Yes! I mean uh...I would love to," She smiles at Harry as he escorts her out.

   "Ready?" Zayn looks at me.

   "Do I look ready?" I laugh and look down at my pajamas.

   "Haha, nah, I will give you some time. Just meet us in the car," Zayn starts to walk outside as I start to walk back upstairs.

   "I'm guessing it's the bad boy," My mom smiles at my from the top of the stairs.

   "Mom!" I felt myself heat up.

   "Kidding," She defends herself, "It's the bad boy," She whispers to herself.

   I go into my room and get myself ready to go to the studio. When I was getting ready I started to think about what has happened. I'm going to get another private concert, well basically. They are singing and I get to personally hear them myself. It's absolutely crazy, I've always wanted to go to a concert and now I'm getting my own little concert. I run back downstairs and into the car parked in the driveway. I sit down beside Zayn and we were off.

   I was just staring outside the car window smiling to myself. I felt something brush against my hand. I look down to see Zayn's hand right beside mine. I blush and look back outside the car window. I tried to calm down and took deep breaths. I couldn't help but smile.

   "What are you smiling at?" Zayn looks at me with a smirk.

   "Huh, what... oh, nothing," I give him a quick smile and then look back outside the car window. I hear Zayn quietly singing to the song that was playing. His voice was absolutely amazing, it was just indescribable.

   "We're here!" Harry says while pulling into a parking spot. I open the car door to get out and I see Harry quickly run over to Brooke's side of the car and open the door for her. She gets out of the car smiling at me while Harry grabs her hand and runs inside the studio.

   "Harry is such a flirt," Zayn shook his head and chuckled.

   "I don't know, what he did was really cute," I smiled and looked at Zayn.

   "May I?" He held out his hand. I took it and he walked me inside the studio. I was amazed everywhere I looked. It was just like everything I imagined a studio would look. He opened the door for me and I first spotted Niall with his headphones on recording a song. His voice was perfect, the way he hit those notes.

   Niall stopped singing and spotted me. His eyes widened and he smiled. He set his headphones on the stand and ran outside to hug me. He picked me up and spun me. My heart raced and butterflies soared my stomach. He set me down and stared deeply into my eyes.

    "What are you doing here?" His Irish accent caught me off guard, I forgot how cute he sounded.

   "Uh, Zayn suggested I came," I smiled but Niall gave a quick glare at Zayn.

   Brooke and Harry ran into the studio laughing while leaning on the door. They both were trying to catch their breath. Harry turned his head to look at Brooke and all he could do was smile. Brooke was looking up at the ceiling laughing, unaware that Harry was staring at her.

   "Open the door!" I hear a man yell.

   Brooke and Harry both looked at each other with shocked faces. Harry held the doorknob and Brooke pressed up tighter against the door. The man slammed on the door and Harry tightened his grip.

   "What did you do now?" Liam looked at Harry with a disappointed face.

   "Are you messing with Paul again?" Louis asked.

   "Yeah," Harry laughed.

   "Why didn't you call me?" Louis said disappointed.

   "What happened?" Zayn said.

   The door slammed open sending Brooke and Harry flying across the room. Paul was covered in noodles. The room just filled with laughter while Paul's face was filled with anger.

   "Where is Harry?" He gritted his teeth.

   "She did it!" Harry pushed Brooke in front of him.

   'Harry!" She playfully smacked Harry.

   Paul started to walk closer to Harry and Harry bursted into laughter. Paul pulled out a bowl full of noodles and poured it onto Harry's head.

   "Payback!" Paul said with pride and then walked out of the room.

   All the boys instant reaction was "OHHHH!"

   Brooke took a noodle off of Harry and ate it. "Not bad," She chuckled as Harry started to throw noodles at Brooke.

   Soon enough everyone was throwing noodles at each other and the studio became a mess. We were all sitting down, huffing and puffing to try and catch our breath. Niall was sitting beside me, leaning his head on the wall. He turned his head to look at me. I smiled at him and took a noodle off of his head. He laughed and took a noodle off of me as well. I leaned my head on his shoulder because I was tired.

   "So, who wants to write a new song guys! Niall, you look like you want to!" Zayn walked over to Niall and pulled him up. Zayn smiled at me and pushed Niall into the recording room.

   For the rest of the day they were recording their parts of the songs and sometimes they sang together. It was such an amazing experience for me, getting to listen to the boys sing with my own ears. Also, without girls screaming around me. It was so peaceful  and just something I will never forget. We never cleaned up so we listened to the boys covered in noodles and the boys recorded covered in noodles as well.

   Just as we were getting ready to leave Niall pulled me off to the side.

   "What is it Niall?" I asked him quietly.

   "Come with me," He grabbed my hand and lead me down the hall. Soon enough he opened a door to a room full of guitars.

   "Wow," I looked around the room and there were some really unique guitars. Electric guitars, acoustic, you name it.

   "Sit down," Niall patted a seat beside him.

   He started to lightly strum a tune. He then started to hum along with it. I looked at him, lost in his eyes.

   "I won't let these little things, slip out of my mouth. But if it's true, it's you, oh it's you they add up to," Niall sang. The smile on my face grew as he continued the song. "I'm in love with you, and all these little things" His eyes locked with mine as he stopped playing the guitar.

   "Wow, that wa-"

   "Shh," Niall shushed me and tucked my hair behind my ear. I smiled at him and stared at the ground. "You're beautiful," He pushed my chin up with his finger so our eyes were locked with each other. He smiled at me as he placed his hand on top on mine.

   "Niall!" Zayn shouted.

   "Crap," Niall put the guitar away and lead me outside of the room.

   "Where wer-" Zayn started to say until he saw me, "Let's go," His tone changed as he turned around to walk away.

   We all got into the car and I sat in between Niall and Zayn. It was really awkward, no one was talking except for Brooke and Harry bugging each other the whole ride. They stopped the car in front of my house and me and Brooke got out of the car. Niall smiled at me before I shut the car door.

   Once we got inside I told Brooke everything that has happened. I told her what Zayn did and especially what Niall did, I got suspicious of those 2 and how they acted.

   "Niall is doing a twitcam, let's watch!" Brooke shouted as she pulled up the laptop.

   "Guys, when you find someone special. You can just feel it, whenever you think of them you're instantly smiling, and when you're with them you time just slows down," Niall said while he was smiling.

   Brooke nudged me and smiled. I smiled back at her as my heart raced.

   "Hey boys, Niall is doing a twitcam!" Zayn shouted. He popped in front of the camera shirtless, my jaw dropped.

   He was so fit, it was amazing. I saw Niall pull out his phone and started typing on it. He stopped and then my phone vibrated. I looked at my phone, it was from and unknown number. The text said 'Watching the twitcam?' I smiled and looked back up at the twitcam to see Niall staring at his phone. I texted back 'Yes, I am.' I looked back up at the twitcam and Niall's phone vibrated, he smiled to himself and started making faces behind Zayn's back. I laughed, and me and Brooke spent the rest of the night watching the twitcam until we fell asleep.

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