Another Chapter

Kiana is forced to move to Ireland because her parents are having issues. She moves to a house where there are forests all around her because her mom enjoys the peace and quiet. But when her mom leaves, Kiana hears a whole bunch of noise, and laughter. She goes to check out what it is, and she soon finds out that One Direction are her neighbors.


1. Mullingar,Ireland

   "Unpack!" My mom screams furiously while tugging harshly on a luggage.

   Here's me, my name is Kiana Carlson and I got forced to move out here because my mom and dad have some bad issues going on between them. I absolutely hate the fact that I got no say in this what so ever. She just dragged me out here because she thought she could. My mom loves peace, quiet and nature, so we now have a house surrounded by trees.

   I'm pretty sure that there are other people around, there's got to be! .... who am I kidding, I'm out here in the middle of no where with no more social life. Sounds strange that I'd be in the middle of no where, but there aren't that many trees surrounding our house! There is a lot of open space, but so far I haven't spotted a house near by yet.

   "Kiana Carlson you pick up a luggage and help me this instant or you're not going to have a roof over your head!" My mom screams while giving a wicked death glare.

   "Why should I?! You dragged me out here so why should I-" I try to fight back but get cut off by a luggage being whipped at my head, throwing me to the ground. "Mom!" I huffed and pulled myself back up.

   "Pick up the luggage, and bring it inside." My mom says slowly, gritting her teeth with every word.

   "Why?! I'd rather stick with dad than with you! You're pathetic, running away from your problems." I crossed my arms, turned my back to my mom and leaned up against the car.

   "Erm... Alright, I'll get dad to pick you up... Just help.." Her voice cracked, which made me turn around, to see her on the urge of crying.

   I place my hands beside me, and let them dangle while I re-traced every word that flowed out of my mouth.

   "Mom.. I'm sorry, I was mad and the words just came out! I spoke without thinking... I'm so sorry." I furrowed my eyebrows together and stared at the ground, ashamed of what I've done.

   "It's okay, just help me bring these in and you can stay with whoever you want." Her voice died down at the end, just fading away.

   "I'll stay with you!" I sent her a cheeky smile, but I don't think she even got a glimpse of it.

   I picked up the luggage with all my power, getting a good grip on it with both of my hands. I start to drag my feet halfway up the path to my new home, since the luggage was bringing me down. I look up at the house, and it was actually pretty darn big! I walked up the steps, one by one very slowly and finally entered the house.

   I looked around and the place was already filled with modern furniture. I'm guessing my mom either already put furniture in because she was planning on moving already or she bought the house with the furniture in it. Either way, it looked absolutely amazing!

   Once you walked in, you were in the living room and there were a staircase on your left leading upstairs. There was a long hallway and that lead towards the kitchen, in the middle of the hallway there was a door on your left leading to a bathroom. I didn't think that there was a basement, but I was alright with that.

   I ran upstairs and opened the first door on the left, and it was a huge room filled with teenager things. A huge queen bed, a chandelier hanging on the ceiling in the middle of the room and a glass door leading out to a balcony. I peeked my head out the door to look at my mom.

   "Is this my room?!" I shouted excitedly.

   "Why yes it is Kiana, I'm going to go out shopping for some groceries." She slammed the door behind her and I ran down the stairs opening my luggage. 

   I grabbed a red CD that reads 'One Direction Up All Night'. I wasn't the biggest directioner, but I still loved them! All my other friends has their room filled with posters of them, they have their dolls, and all of their merchandise. Then there is me who probably has the least amount of things but still loves them just as much as they do.

   I ran back upstairs to my room, and searched around for CD player. There was one sitting on the counter beside my bed, so I plopped the CD in and blasted the music. I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and slid it open. I had the iPhone because it was so easy to use. I pressed on my friends Brooke's name, opening up our conversation.

   I sat down on my bed and I thought long and hard on what to say, because I never even got a chance to say good bye to her. I typed 'Hey Brooke, I'm really sorry but I moved.. Maybe we can hang someday!' and I hit send and set it into my lap. I started to impatiently, lightly tap my phone with my fingers with a rhythmic tune.

   I hear a bunch of laughter, sounds like boys laughter. I ignored the laughter and continued to try and wait patiently for Brooke's reply. The boys laughter got even louder, and more rough sounding. The idea of someone living near me finally popped into my head... there is someone living near me! I pranced downstairs and grabbed the keys off the coffee table in the living room and locked the door behind me.

   I started to follow the laughter with my ears, listening closely to the laughter. I went to my back yard and saw a slight path leading upwards in the trees. I decided to follow the path, because that's where the laughter was also coming from. The laughter started to get louder, so I'm guessing that I was getting closer. I saw a bright light at the end of the path so I decided to run.

   "Ah!" I hear a harmonized group of boys scream.

   "Ah! What?!" I look up to see 5 very familiar faces which were extremely gorgeous. "Y-you're... o-one..." I drew a blank, and everything faded into pitch darkness.

   Hours that felt like seconds flashed by, before I started to open my eyes to a blurry room. I used the back of my arm to rub both of my eyes slightly, then I tried to open them once again. Everything was a bit clearer, but still a bit shaggy. I see 4 guys that looked like Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn from One Direction.

   Why did these guys look just like the boys? Wait a moment, where the heck am I anyways? I started to look around the room, but it didn't look familiar to me and it also didn't look like my new home. I started to think back to what happened before all this suddenly appeared. Oh my goodness, One Direction are my new neighbors!

   I whipped my head back at the boys, and realized that I was in the same room as One Direction. Liam starts to come closer to me, and he places his warm hands upon my cheeks, lightly patting them. I look up at him in confusion of what he was doing, but not long after I got lost in Liam's beautiful looks.

   "Hey, guys she's fully awake now!" Liam said to the boys, turning his head to face them. I see Louis, Zayn, and Niall start to walk on over towards me. "Are you okay, love?" I look up to see Liam staring back down at me.

   "Yeah, I-I'm fine." My eyes shoot open wide, nervous that I will mess up in front of them.

   "That's good, I hope you don't mind that we brought you here." Niall said softly, tilting his head slightly. My heart started to pound inside of my chest, of how cute he looked without any effort at all.

   "I-I love you g-guys." I feel my face start to heat up, and palms start to get sweaty.

   "Brooke just sent you a message!" I hear Harry shout from a distance. "Brooke is actually a really cute name." I look over at him to see him with the biggest smirk on his face, with my iPhone grasped tightly in his hands.

   "Oh, Harry can you pass that over?" I hold my arm out towards Harry's direction, still starstruck that I'm talking to Harry Styles!

   "Just let me message her back for you!" Harry sticks out his tongue, and carefully slides my iPhone open. "Ou la la, no password!" Harry paints a even bigger smirk across his face as he starts to type on my iPhone.

   "No, Harry come on please!" As I start to push myself off of the bed, I feel something heavy weigh me down. I look in front of me to see Louis sitting on top of me.

   "Yes Louis, thank you!" Harry shouts with such pleasure.

   "You're welcome Hazza!" Louis shoots a thumbs up his way.

   "She's a huge directioner! Look at all her photos of us!" Harry starts to laugh very roughly.

   "Let me have a look!" Niall shouts, running towards Harry. Niall pounces on Harry and grabs the iPhone from Harry's hands.

   "Zayn, you look amazing in this one!" Niall laughs hysterically and passes the phone towards Zayn.

   "Guys, please give me my phone! I need to text Brooke! It's really urgent." I push Louis off of me, and start to get up.

   "Boys, help a lad out!" Louis screams at the boys, trying to get me back down on the bed.

   The boys all gather around me and push me onto the bed, keeping me down while they go through the things stored in my iPhone. They are all laughing hysterically, acting like they aren't even holding me down. I see Liam walk into the room and stare all the pile of us like we are crazy. Liam's face makes him look like he's scarred for life.

   "Boys, let the poor girl go!" Liam says in a very deep tone.

   All the boys slowly start to get off of me and stare at Liam with such a glare in each of their eyes. Liam starts to walk towards the boys all getting off of me and takes the phone out of Zayn's hand. He looks down at the phone and starts to look through all the photos I've got on my phone. A smile starts to appear on his face, then he starts to chuckle to himself and before I knew it he was laughing with the rest of the boys.

   "Please... I need to text Brooke." I stare at Liam deeply and hold my hand out. He places my phone back into my hand and I nod, "Thank you, now if you guys will excuse me I have to go back home. There is lasagna waiting for me."

   I turn around and start to walk towards the door. I hear a bunch of muttering and movement going on behind me. I furrow my eyebrows together and turn my head. I see the boys getting their jackets on and talking amongst themselves. I think to myself why the heck are they getting their coats on.

   "Where are you guys going?" I ask with the biggest confused face I could ever pull off.

   "Going to eat some lasagna!" Niall shouts with joy.

   "Oh no, you're not coming over to my place! You've got to be crazy to think that." I demanded.

   "How are you so sure?" Harry lifts an eyebrow as he smirks.

   I ran out of the house hoping that they won't catch up to me or even remember where I came from.

   "Get her!" I hear Zayn shout within the distance.

   I decided to run faster hoping that they won't catch me. I hear heavy footsteps cutting the grass behind me. I panic and try to run even faster but I just couldn't. I feel arms wrap around me and someone heavily breathing onto me. His breathing sent shivers down my spine.

   "Got her!" Niall shouts in his gorgeous Irish accent.

   "Good job Niall!" Louis says in approval.

   "Fine, you guys can come but you have to explain to my mom why you're in the house." I huffed.

   "Deal." They all said at once.

   I continued to walk towards the trees where the pathway was. The boys continue to mumble to themselves about who knows what. I rolled my eyes of how goofy they were together.

   "We never got your name love," I hear Louis shout.

   "Name is Kiana," I said with a smile on my face.

   "Ah, Kiana, beautiful name!" Liam said.

   We finally reached my house and I got even more nervous. What if they don't like the house or what if they start snooping around my stuff? Oh come on Kiana, they are One Direction not some creepy guys that like to check out girls stuff. Anyways, I opened the door and gestured them to come in. The look on their faces were priceless, they seemed to be amazed by how everything was put together.

   "Where should we put our jackets?" Zayn asked.

   "On the couch is fine, since you guys aren't going to be staying a while." I snickered.

   "Fiesty," Harry murmured.

   "I'm going to be upstairs, watch T.V or something." I sputtered.

   I upstairs to my bedroom and instantly started to dial Brooke's phone number. I put the phone up to my ear as the phone rings. Come on Brooke, come on!

   "Hello?" Brooke answered.

   "Brooke, oh my goodness you would never guess what happened!" I shrieked.

   "What? You moving without saying good-bye, don't worry I know all about that," She snapped.

   "I know, but that wasn't my fault! It was my moms!" I explained, "Anyways, that's not the big news! One Direction are my neighbors, kind of." I said with excitement.

   "That's a complete and utter lie.." Brooke said disappointed.

   "Ok fine," I went into the hallway and screamed "Is my mom here yet?" then the boys replied with "Nope,"

   "There, proof!" I exclaimed.

   "That was totally fake." Brooke snapped.

   "Fine, fine," I said, I heard the front door open and then slam shut. "Mom is here, gotta go! Sorry for not saying good-bye!" I hung up the phone and ran downstairs. I arrive downstairs to witness my mom wide-eyed and One Direction surrounding her trying to calm her down and explain why they were there.

   "What did you do with my daughter?!" My mom shouts furiously.

   "Mom calm down," I chuckle as I walk down the stairs.

   "Oh my goodness Kiana you had me worried sick!" She grasps me into the tightest hug.

   "Don't worry, these guys are here to stay for dinner." I raise my eyebrows and give her a slight smile.

   "Where did you meet these strangers?!" My mom continues to raise her voice at me.

   "They aren't strangers, they're One Direction." I look at the boys with fear written all over their face.

   "No they aren't sweetie, now seriously who are they?" My mom laughs.

   "Look at the T.V." I said pointing at the T.V.

   "One Direction are the biggest boy band around the world and here is their hit single 'Kiss You'" The T.V guy said.

   "Oh my goodness, it is One Direction." My mom's jaw drops  as she slides her way over to One Direction. "Are they real?" My mom starts to feel Liam's face and I laugh because of the terror in Liam's eyes. "Hunny, grab the camera! I need to remember this moment, oh this is so exciting!" My mom shouts in excitement.

   "Mom, calm down.." I grab my mom from Liam's face and try to ease her excitement as the boys grab Liam and try to comfort him.

   "Is it okay if we stay for dinner?" Harry asked.

   "Oh, his voice is so deep and beautiful." My mom said still mesmerized by the boys.

   "Mom, is that a yes or no?" I asked.

   "It's a yes, absolute, 100%, big fat yes!" My mom jumps in the air as she hops her way over to the kitchen. "Does anyone want to help out?" My mom asked.

   "MEE!" Niall shouts suddenly and makes his way to the kitchen. I laugh to myself of how cute Niall is.

   "Don't you remember shooting this boys, it seriously was so much fun!" Liam exclaims while staring at the T.V.

   This moment right here was an absolute dream come true. One Direction are at my house, I am getting my favorite meal and everything was going just the way I wanted it. Maybe moving here wasn't so bad after all, this is so exciting!

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