Another Chapter

Kiana is forced to move to Ireland because her parents are having issues. She moves to a house where there are forests all around her because her mom enjoys the peace and quiet. But when her mom leaves, Kiana hears a whole bunch of noise, and laughter. She goes to check out what it is, and she soon finds out that One Direction are her neighbors.


2. Dinner

    The boys started to sing along with the T.V and also dancing around the place. I was sitting on the couch laughing to myself of how childish they were acting. Their voices sounded even more amazing in person that I was just so astonished of how their voices harmonized so perfectly with each other. After the song ended the boys seemed so disappointed that their fun had to end. They all sat down on the couch heavily breathing and trying to catch their breath from all the dancing they've done.

   The aroma of lasagna slowly started to fill the room. It smelled so good that my stomach started to growl. I wrapped my arms around my stomach hoping that no one would hear the growl but that didn't help. All the boys were staring at me probably because they heard my stomach growling.

   "Hungry?" Liam laughed.

   "Just a tad," I tried to pull off a smile but embarrassment was written all over my face.

   "IT'S READY!" Niall shouts while jumping into the living room with his arms spread wide. I laugh as he hops his way back into the kitchen.

   Everyone pushed themselves off the couch and walked into the dining room. The plates were already set with a block of lasagna. Everyone took their seat and started digging in.

   "So why do you guys have a house way out here?" I asked after swallowing my first bite.

   "We wanted a way to get away from everything," Harry said.

   "The screaming fans, the paparazzi, the fame," Niall continued.

   "Don't get us wrong, we love everything that has happened! But we just need a break once in a while," Zayn said. They all nodded in agreement.

   We quickly and quietly finished our dinner and started to clean up. As I was headed towards the sink but someone stopped me. I looked up to see Niall staring down at me smiling. I stare into his eyes and cant help but smile back at his cuteness.

   "What?" I smiled.

   "I've got it," He returned the smile and grabbed my plate. I turned around and shuffled myself to the living room because I was blushing like crazy.

   "Niall threw her charms at her," Louis whispered to the rest of boys thinking that I didn't hear what he said.

   "Boys, she's got cookies!" I turn around to see Liam holding the cookie jar.

   "Yeah, what about the cookies?" I walked over to the boys.

   "We can do the cookie challenge!" Louis jumps in excitement.

   "Yeah," All the boys said together.

   "How do you do that?" I tilted my head.

   "First you place a cookie on your forehead and then the objective is to get the cookie in your mouth without using your hands," Harry explained.

   "Okay, let's do this!" I said with confidence.

   We each grabbed a cookie and placed it on our forehead's. I saw Niall walk in and he witnessed what we were doing so he grabbed a cookie as well. I first moved my eyebrows to try and move the cookies down to my eye socket. Success, the cookie was now on my eye socket, now to get it to my mouth. I tried and tried and after a while of moving my face the way I have never moved my face before, the cookie fell. I caught it before it could hit the floor and ate it. I looked around at the boys to see Niall grabbing the cookie with his tongue, Louis' cookie was on the tip of his nose, Zayn's was on his eye socket, Liam's was on his cheek and Harry's was still on his forehead.

   I bursted into hysterical laughter from the boys faces. They looked so determined to get the cookie in their mouths. Niall joined in on my laughter, not sure if he was laughing at me or with me. After me and Niall were done laughing we looked up at the boys eating their cookies. 

   "So who actually completely the challenge?" I asked.

   "Don't look at me," Harry shrugged and I chuckled to myself. The rest of the boys shrugged their shoulders and shook their head.

   I turn my head to look at Niall raising his arms and giving us a cheeky smile. He looked so proud of himself that he accomplished this challenge. I laughed at the look of Niall's face.

   "Hello?" Liam said. I pushed my eyebrows together and looked at Liam. He was on the phone, with who knows who.

   "Yes, uh-huh, okay, yeah, we'll be there," Liam said, "We gotta go boys, have to be early to the studio tomorrow morning!" Liam slightly smiled.

   "What?! We have to leave Kiana?!" Niall picks me up in a tight hug which makes butterflies go off in my stomach.

   "Yeah. We do," Zayn pried Niall off of me. Niall looked confused at Zayn. I looked at Zayn and he had this strange look in his eye. "Let's go!" Zayn pulled Niall into the living room and the rest of the boys followed.

   I walked into the living room and leaned against the wall. I felt my stomach drop at the thought of the boys leaving after this amazing night. They were all putting on their jackets getting ready to leave. They all headed for the door except for Zayn, he walked towards me.

   "Yes?" I pushed my eyebrows together. Zayn pulled me into a hug, a tight hug. "Erm, Zayn... can't, breathe!" I tried to say with the oxygen I had left in me.

   "I will come get you in the morning okay?" Zayn pulled away and looked me in the eyes.


   "Come to the studio with us!" Zayn said excitedly.

   "C'mon Zayn!" Niall shouted.

   "Gotta go!" Zayn headed for the door and I slowly followed behind him.

   I went to close the door but someone's hand covered mine. I look up to see Niall smiling at me. I smiled politely back at him and took my hand away. He shut the door lightly.

   "I saw that!" My mom said quickly and quiet loudly.

   "Ah! What?!" I got startled and turned around quickly.

   "So who is it? The cute blonde or bad boy?" She walks closer to me smiling.

   "What?! Nothing, I'm tired, good night," I tucked my hair behind my ear and ran upstairs.

   I flew onto my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I then rolled over and started freaking out into my pillow. I couldn't stop thinking about the night. It was absolutely amazing and I just couldn't process it through my mind. Absolutely insane. One Direction are my neighbors!

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