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Kiana is forced to move to Ireland because her parents are having issues. She moves to a house where there are forests all around her because her mom enjoys the peace and quiet. But when her mom leaves, Kiana hears a whole bunch of noise, and laughter. She goes to check out what it is, and she soon finds out that One Direction are her neighbors.


4. All Nighter

   I tossed and turned on my bed trying to find a comfortable position but nothing was working! I rolled over so I was staring at the ceiling. I sighed and just stayed there for a few minutes. I heard quiet rustling outside which caused my heart to race. I started to get sweaty because of how much I was panicking. I looked down to see Brooke all cuddled up with her sleeping bag. I sat up onto my bed to try and find out what all the rustling was. The rustling then became louder when I sat up. I instantly shook Brooke until she woke up.

   "Hm?" She was trying to open her eyes but couldn't.

   "There is something outside!" I whispered to her.

   "You crazy, hallucinating," She rolled over and tried to go back to bed. I shook her again.

   "Brooke!" I loudly whispered to her.

   "Go 'way!" She groaned and put her hand on my face to shut me up. She dragged her hand down my face before falling back asleep.

   I stood and just glared at her. I slowly walked towards my door and peeked my head outside. Okay, everything was clear. No intruders in the living room. I started to walk down the stairs, sometimes the steps would creek as my foot touched it. There was a tennis racket leaning against the wall, so I grabbed it. I gripped it tight and placed it on my shoulder, ready to smack anyone. The rustling was even louder this time.

   "Hello?" I turned around to check if it was coming from my kitchen.

   I continued to take slow steps towards the kitchen. Before I enter the kitchen I took a deep breath.

   "Ha!" I screamed, but I then looked around and no one was there.

   The rustling now sounded like it was coming from the back door. I got the tennis racket ready, just in case. The door knob started to turn, my heart then started to race even harder. I started to quickly give myself some motivation. Okay, Kiana, you got this, they walk in, just smack them in the head, if that doesn't work then there are sharp objects in the kitchen. I took a deep breath before grasping the racket even tighter. The dark figure came through the door and I went for it.

   I started smacking them like my life depended on it. Multiple times, I heard the person groaning in pain but that didn't stop me.

   "Get. Out. Of. My. House. Creep!" I said with every hit I took.

   "Stop!" He shouted.

   "Never!" I smacked the creeper even harder.

   "Kiana, it's me! Calm down!" I stopped hitting them and dropped the racket.

   "Niall?! What are you doing here?! It's 3 in the morning!" I shouted quietly at him.

   "I couldn't sleep so I decided to-"

   "Decided to break in?!" I glared at him with my heart still racing from being terrified.

   "No, to see if you were awake, and looky here, you're awake!" He smiled at me. I stared at him with a blank expression then smacked his arm. He laughed and then pulled me into a hug. Not gonna lie he gives really really good hugs.

   "Yeah, I couldn't sleep either," I sighed and tried to keep my eyes open.

   "Well, let's do something!" Niall suggested.

   "Niall, if you couldn't tell, it is 3 AM there is nothing to do," I frowned at him.

   "Wanna bet?" He smirked at me. I gave him a worried look mixed with a confused face.

   "Where are you taking me?" I asked frightened.

   He grabs my wrist and pulls me outside. He started to run to his car, dragging me along with him.

   "I'm not dressed!" I said looking down at my pajamas.

   "Don't worry!" Niall laughs and helps me into his car.

   We started to drive off to who knows where. Some secret location I am guessing. We didn't drive for long but we were in a place that I have never seen in my life. I looked outside the window and saw shining lights within the distance. I have never seen something so beautiful ever in my life.

   "Wow, what is it?" I asked Niall while still amused by all the lights.

   "My own amusement park!" He smiles at me.

   "You have your own amusement park?" I asked him.

   "I get bored," He laughs and continues to drive to his 'amusement park'.

   We pull up in a parking spot and then he opens the car door for me. He gestures me towards the amusement park. It was like a ghost-town but I'm guessing that we can go on any ride without any line up. He walks over to a lady and talks to her, she pulls some sort of package out and hands it to Niall. Niall takes it and gives it to me.

   "Put these on," He led me towards an empty room so I could get changed.

   "How is it?" I walk out and spin so he can tell me his opinion.

   "Amazing, everything I want my dream girl to wear," He smiles at me and leads me to the first game, the balloon dart game.

   "If I win, you owe me a hug," Niall smiles confidently at me.

   "And if I win?" I smiled back at him.

   "You don't have to hug me," Niall quickly raises his eyebrows and grabs a handful of darts, "Whoever pops the most wins, go!" He started to chuck the darts at the balloons.

   "Hey! You got a head start!" I grab a bunch and start to throw them. I couldn't stop laughing because Niall barely got any when he seemed so sure that he was going to beat me, "Yes, I am a winner!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

   "You're good, let's move on!" Niall walks over to the game where we had to shoot water in a clowns mouth to pop the balloon.

   "No.." I looked at it with my eyes widened. I suck at this game. Niall chuckled to himself.

   "This time, if I win then you have to spend 10 minutes holding my hand and walking on the beach," He blushes at me.

   "Ok, fine, but if I win then you have to.." I looked around the amusement park, "Win me that!" I pointed to a cute teddy bear.

   "Fine," He grabs one of the guns.

   "I grab the one beside him," I grip it tightly and start to aim.

   "Go!" He starts shooting water into the clowns mouth. I tried to shoot as well but I was horribly missing. Before I knew it, Niall's balloon popped. He started jumping around in excitement.

   "Yes!" He smiles widely at me, "C'mon!" His fingers tickle my palm before his fingers went between mine. He gripped my hand tightly and walked behind a stand. There was a quiet beach only the sound of waves crashing onto the shore while the moon reflected off of the ocean.

   "Wow," I smiled at the view.

   "I know," He led me near the shore and started walking, "Now, isn't this nice?" He relieving sighed.

   "It is, but it's kinda chilly isn't it?" I looked up at him.

   "Oh," He let go of my hand and took off his sweater.

   "Niall what about you?" I looked at him worried.

   "It doesn't matter about me," He started to put his sweater over me.

   "T-thank you," I blushed at the ground as Niall grabbed my hand again. We continued to walk in silence and just enjoying the sound of the waves.

   "Ou," Niall ran over to a pile of rocks and started to climb up them.

   "Hey!" I ran after him and then he helped me up.

   "Now this is nice!" Niall said sitting down on a flat rock. I sat beside him and looked at the horizon, you could see a bit of pink and orange in the back. I'm guessing it was almost 5-6?

   "Yeah this is," I slightly smiled, admiring the sky. Niall put his arm over me and then I leaned my head on his shoulder. This moment was so perfect, butterflies were going crazy in my stomach.

   "Wanna go home?" Niall looked at me.

   "Not yet, there is still one thing I want to ride!" I jumped off of the rock and started running.

   "Hey!" I heard Niall shout in the distance.

   "Welcome!" A man said while gesturing me in.

   "Thank you," I said politely.

   "Wait!" Niall hopped in beside me and we were off.

   We were on the Ferris wheel and whenever we would reach the top it would be so amazing because all of the things that you could see. I was so busy on concentrating on the view I had that I didn't realize Niall was trying to catch my attention. That is until I felt his soft lips kiss my cheek. I instantly turned my head to Niall, looking at his eyes tracing my lips. It took a while for Niall to start slowly leaning in.

   "Ahem!" The man said before Niall was any close to my lips.

   "I think we should go, my mom is probably worried about me," I nudged Niall to get out of the Ferris wheel.

   "Yeah," Niall acted like nothing happened.

   The car ride back home was really silent. I don't think that both of us had any clue to talk about. I just stared out of the window until we reached my place.

   "Bye Niall!" I smiled at him,

   "Bye Kiana," He smiled back at me, but his eyes were tracing my lips again. He started to lean in but I got nervous and quickly hopped out of his car and walked into my house.

   I shut the door and leaned up on the door, sighing in relief. I took a peek outside the window and Niall looked really sad. My heart broke when I saw Niall frown while driving away. I didn't know what to do, I was nervous but when I think back to it, I regret doing that so much.

   "All nighter with Niall huh?" I heard Brooke say.

   "Ah!" I quickly turned around to face Brooke, "Uh, yeah. I couldn't sleep,"

   "Did you have fun?" Brooke smiled at me.

   "Yeah.. I mean, we held hands.. he, uh... kissed my cheek," I rubbed the back of my neck and I somewhat gave Brooke a smile. Her jaw instantly dropped and her eyes widened. She stayed like this for a while until a had to interrupt her awkward staring at me. She sat down on the couch and told me to explain to her so I did. Well, I regret running off on Niall, I spent the rest of the day thinking about what would of happened if he actually kissed me and I didn't run away.

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