love you forever

this is about the relationship between harry and Melinda after a tragic event had struck.


1. the surprise

You and Harry have been together for about 2 years now and everyday with him got even better and better each day. On your birthday Harry wanted to take you out to dinner and a movie. So that night you wore a black dress that suits your body very well and it was up to your knees and it had a little diamonds going around the waist line and it and it was perfect to wear that night. Then you curled your hair at the bottom and add some diamond earrings to go with your dress. When Harry picked you up you go into his car and he says " You look beautiful tonight.And tonight will be very special." "Thank you Harry and why will tonight be special?" "Because I am here with the most beautiful girl in the world with me  and I am going to spend a great time with her tonight." Well you know what Harry i am doing the same thing but i am doing it with the most handsome guy in the world." you say as you kiss him on the lips with so much lust. Before you and Harry went to dinner he took you out to the theater. You and him went to go see a romantic movie. you and him sat in the back all alone and you and him only saw about an hour and thirty minutes if it. the rest of the thirty minutes were about you and him kissing. his smile always won you over and you couldn't help it so you agreed to kind of make out with him during the movie. after the movie he took you to a very romantic restaurant. when you and him got there a waiter took you both outside where their was a little table with candles and some rose peddles on the ground. and it was beautiful because it was also under the full moon. "So Melinda are you are having a good time?" Harry said with a smile on his face. "Yes i am because i am here with the love of my life and i never want to leave you." you say as you both lean in for a kiss. When your lips are pressed against his you can feel harry smile and grab something out of his pocket. When you both pull away you look down and see a diamond ring in a purple box. Then Harry says "Melinda I have been in love with you since the day we met. When I first saw you you became my best friend and then my girlfriend. And now i am going to make you mine forever. I never want to lose you and when you are not around me i lose my mind and I can't stop thinking about you. So will you marry me?" Then you say "Harry i feel the same way about you. And when you were gone on tour I couldn't stand to not have you in my arms so i held my love for you. And when you came back I felt like i was alive again. So what do you think my answer is? Of course i will marry you." When he hears you say yes he gets the ring and places it on your finger and he feels like he can run around the world one million times in one second. You start to cry tears of joy because now you can spend the rest of your life with him now and that will never change. Then Harry wipes away your tears with his thumb. He cups your face and brings you in for a kiss and when he kisses you he puts his hand on your thigh and rub it. When you pull away you take hi hand and hold it into yours and you mouth to him thank you and i love you. After dinner he takes you to his flat and before he opens the door he says "I have a surprise for you." And then he tells you to close your eyes. you did as you were told and you closed your eyes. When he unlocks the door he leads into the living room and says "okay you can open them now." When you open your eyes you see the most beautiful thing in the world.

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