love you forever

this is about the relationship between harry and Melinda after a tragic event had struck.


2. The night

When you open eyes you see your awesome birthday present. You see a big photo of you and him when you two were best friends before you became an item. It was made of all the photos of you and him through the years  and they all made up the photo of you and him as best friends. It was the most amazing thing you had ever seen in your life.

(if you see the Demi Lovato music video give your heart a break you would see what what i mean by a lot of photos of you and made into one huge photo)

Then you say "Harry this is amazing. Did you do this all by your self?" "No i had zayn help me but it was worth it. I wouldn't be able to find the picture with out your mom. she found all of these photos in the attic in your house and gave them to me. And when me and zayn were done I showed your mom what I did with them and she was amazed. And they make up the photo of when we first met." "Well this is truly amazing and the best birthday anyone has ever given me. thank you so much Harry for everything. how can I ever repay you for tonight?" "Well you don't have to cause i am going to pay you back." Harry grabs your waist and pulls you in for a kiss. As he was kissing you, you can feel him find the zipper on your dress and pull it down slowly. You kick off your high heels and take off his jacket. And while he is trying to take off your dress you take off his shirt and he takes off his shoes. Harry gets your dress off and he pulls away to take off his pants. When he pulls them off and you pull in for another kiss. When he is holding you in his arms he undoes your bra and throws it to the floor and picks you up bridal style and takes you to the bedroom. And I think that we know what had happened their. 

The next day you wake up in Harry's arms and when you turn your head to see if he is awake you can see that he has been awake for awhile just looking at you. Then you say "Hello Mr.Styles how may can i help you?" "By kissing me and saying that i am now going to be with you for the rest of my life." "okay but do i have to say it when i already have it." then he kiss him on the lips. You get up and put on one of harry's over sized shirts on and go to the kitchen. A few minutes later you fell two arms go around your waist and say "Well looks like someone he is still happy about last night." "Well I am because it is was amazing last night. I will never forget that." "Yes me too and now i will make you breakfast." "okay you do that while I do something for you." "What does that mean?" Then Harry takes out a necklace with a locket and he goes up to you and puts it around your neck and you say "Wow Harry this is beautiful." "Yea I know and open it." When open the locket you see two photos. The photo on the left side is you and Harry as kids hugging each other. And on the right is a photo of you two hugging each other and it looked like the hug you gave each other of the photo on the left. "Harry this very thoughtful of you. Thank you again." Then you put your arms around him and say "Harry you are the best thing that has happened to me.

Harry's P.O.V.

last night was amazing and she is amazing. Whenever i am around her I just can't stop thinking about her and I know that she is the one. I just want to be with her for the rest of my life and i never want to lose her. And when she leaves a room I lose my mind and I just have to be with her. About 2 weeks ago I had gotten Melinda a locket and it has 2 pictures of us hugging. And i know that she is going to just love it so much. I can't wait to give it to her and see the look on her face.

Melinda's P.O.V.

When Harry gave me the locket it just made me happy. And i just want to be with him. All I want to do with him is have a loving family with him, grow old, and die with him in his arms. I am going to do everything with him.

When i put my arms around Harry's neck He put his hands on my waist and look me straight into the eye and said "I want to have a baby with you." "Really Harry you want to have a child with me?" "Of course I do and i want it to look her mother." "Thank you so much Harry and i want him to look like you." "Thank you and i'm going to make have him or her." Harry picks you up bridal style and takes you to the bedroom.

2 months later 

You and Harry have been apart because he is on a little tour right now with the boys. Right now you haven't been feeling good. You have been throwing up and your stomach hurts like crazy so you went to the doctors office. When you went to the doctors office she told you something that changed your life forever.  


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