love you forever

this is about the relationship between harry and Melinda after a tragic event had struck.


4. The last night

The past couple of days Harry has been a mess. You were still in a coma and he was still upset about the baby. The boys were starting to get a little worried about him because when ever came to the studio (and that was on time and it lasted for about an hour) he would act crazy and weird. And he would just look sad. So they came down to the hospital to visit Harry and you. You and thee boys were pretty close and when they had found out that you had gotten into a car crash they were upset and worried. They were sad for you that you lost your baby.

When the boys entered the room they could see Harry still holding your hand and you fast asleep. Then Liam said "Hey Harry how are you doing?" "I don't have my fiance with me and i lost the baby. How do you think i'm doing?" "Well we are here for you and we think that you maybe need to leave the hospital for a few hours and just rest for a while." Niall said. "I can't. I need to be with her till she wakes up. And I have been getting rest." "Harry you look tired and stressed." Louis said. "I'm not and I'm fine." Harry said as got up from his chair and looked out the window. Then Zayn said "Harry you need to rest and take a sho-" Zayn was cut off by a little noise coming from your direction. Harry turned around to see you waking up from your coma. Harry runs to you and says "Melinda its me Harry. Please wake up. Please wake up I need you." Your eyes start to open and you see Harry and the boys surrounding you with glowing eyes. Then you say hi. They get so happy to just hear your voice then you say "Harry how long have i been asleep?" "About three days but that doesn't matter any more you are awake." "Is the baby okay?" "I have some bad news about the baby." "Well what happened? Tell me now Harry is the baby okay?" "Well love no. The baby is gone. The baby had died by impact." "Oh my gosh. This is all my fault I killed the baby." "You didn't kill the baby it wasn't your fault." "Yes it Harry. I was in the car and i crashed. If I didn't get into that car we would still have our baby and it was so young to." As you said that a tear streamed down your face and onto your hospital dress. Harry takes you into his arms and gives you a warm embrace. When he pulls away the rest of the boys go up to you one by one and they give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When all of them gave you a hug they walked out the door. The only left their was Harry. Then Harry said "Melinda it isn't your fault that the baby is gone." "Harry it is my fault. How can I live with myself and how can you love someone who killed a baby." Harry walks up to Melinda and cups her face and kisses her with so much lust. And when she feels his touch on her lips she places her hand on his thigh and rubs it and works her way up to his curls. Harry starts to take off his jacket and throws it to the floor. He puts his other hand on her back and lays her down. Melinda and Harry are making out for about 2 minutes now and when Melinda hears someone opening the door Melinda pushes Harry away and tries to act casual. Louis comes walking into the room and says "I forgot my phone and why is Harry's jacket on the floor?. Eww were you two about to get down. You nasty people even in a hospital." Louis starts to laugh and he walks out the room. You both start to laugh and then Harry says "See now you are finally smiling." "Yea Harry but i still feel guilty. I just need to be by myself for a while. Go home Harry and get some rest and take a relaxing shower. You look like you haven't done that for a while." "No. I am not leaving you till you leave and i want to be her with you." As Harry is saying that he takes Melinda's hand and kisses it. Then Melinda says "Harry don't worry about me I am fine and just at least go take a shower." "Fine i will but when i am done i am coming straight over here." "Okay Harry do what you need to do. And when you come back lay down in my bed with me and comfort me." Harry then grabs his jacket off the ground and walks out the room.

When Harry walked into his flat he saw Louis sitting on the couch watching T.V. Then Harry said "Hey Louis what are you doing?" "Nothing just sitting here. So did you and Melinda Get down?" "No. She is a little bit sad right now that the baby is gone. Then she told me to take a shower so now i will." "Oh okay. Well do what you have to do." "That's what she said before I left." Harry goes to his room and grabs new clean clothes and makes his way to the shower. Louis gets up to get some popcorn and he notices that Harry had left his phone on the counter. As soon as Louis grabs his phone to go give it to him it starts to ring. when Louis answers it he runs to the restroom door and bangs on it very hard ,but Harry cant Louis banging on the door due to the shower. Louis talks to other person on the line and walks out the door with Harry's phone in his hand. When Harry comes out of the restroom and starts to look for his phone and Louis. He then finds a note that says "Harry by the time you are reading this i am at the hospital. The reason i am at the hospital is because of Melinda. Something had happend to her and they wont tell what it was till i got there. So please hurry to the hospital." Harry runs out the door and gets into his car and races against time to get to the hospital. As soon as he gets their he rushes to Melinda's room. When he gets to Melinda's room he sees nothing but some blood on the sheets. He is looking for you but there is no sign of you. Harry turns around and finds Louis with tears on his face. "Harry, Melinda had stabbed herself and they are trying to save her." Louis says as he tries to hold back the tears. Harry then goes to the window and finds a small box. The little box looked like it was shredded and it had a little tag on it that said to Harry from Melinda. He grabs the box and opens it or tries to and finds a necklace. He hold out the necklace and sees the it had a picture of Melinda and him on the first date kissing. He put it around his neck and started to cry.

A few hours late

The doctor comes into the room and tells Harry that they were to late yo save her. She had stabbed herself to deep and they didn't make it in time to save her. Harry starts to have tears go down his face and says "So she is gone?" "Yes Mr.styles. We are very sorry for your loss." the doctor says as he leaves the room. Louis tries to comfort harry but Harry just got up and walked out the room without saying any word.

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