love you forever

this is about the relationship between harry and Melinda after a tragic event had struck.


3. The crash

When you came home that day from the doctors office you were shocked and yet happy. When you opened the door you saw Harry sitting on the couch waiting for you. When you saw him you ran to him and hugged him very tightly. "Harry I have missed you so much and i have great news for you to." "I missed you so much too and what is the news.?" Harry said with a smile.You looked him in the eyes and said "Harry i'm pregnant." "You are? This is amazing. We finally can have a baby and get married and have a happy family." "Yes we can Harry and this is just a dream come true for you and me." Harry then hugs up and spins you around. Then you say "And Harry I had gotten you something and I have to go pick it up at the store. So i will be back in a few with your present." "Really what is the present?" "You will find out when i get back." "Okay. Can't wait to see it and I already miss you." You kiss Harry on the cheek and walk out the door.

 On the road

While you were driving back to Harry's flat it was raining and it was raining pretty hard. You couldn't see the road very clearly so you were going slow but the rain just made it worst. You started to sliding all over the road and you were trying not to get into a car crash. But then you get blindsided by a truck and you swerve off the road and hit a tree. The crash was pretty horrible and you had blacked out when you crashed. The ambulance came rushing to you and took you to the hospital quickly. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I was just sitting on the couch watching t.v while i was waiting for Melinda. I wonder what was taking her so long? Then I hear my phone ring and when I answer it I rushed to get dressed and get into my car. I was rushing to get to the hospital and see if Melinda and the baby was okay. Oh no the baby I almost forgot about the baby. I hope the baby will by alright. I wish that this wouldn't have had happened. I need to see them now.

As Harry got to the hospital so many things were going through his mind and he really worried. When he ran to your room he saw you hooked up to a bunch of machines and in a deep sleep. He ran up to you and looked at you and grab your hand and said " Melinda are you their love can you hear me?" Then the doctor comes into the room and says "Son she is in a coma and she can't hear you. And she needs to be left alone for a while. So please can you leave the room for a while?" "NO! i will never leave her not until she wakes up. even when she wakes up i will never leave her." "Sir you need to leave now." "No" Harry is now being pulled out of the room by nurses and they as they are pulling him out of the room he is trying to get released so he can be right next to you. When they get him into the hallway they push him into a wall and run back into the room locking the door so he wouldn't come in. Harry gets up and starts to bang on the door and yell "Let me in. I need to be with her. Please." he gives up and sits on the floor and cries his eyes out for about an hour and a half. When he was done crying the doctor comes out with a sad look on his face and says "Sir your wife is alright but she is still in a coma but " "But what doc?" harry says. " The baby didn't make it. The impact was so strong that the baby wasn't able to make it. I'm sorry. There was nothing else that we couldn't do." Then the doctor walks away. Harry had tears coming out of his eyes. He was trying to hold them back but he couldn't help it but cry. He walked into the room quietly and walked towards you. When he was right next to you he grab your hand and said "If only you were awake right now I would hug you like crazy so you can try to feel better about the baby." Then he kisses you on the forehead.

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