Flying Hearts

When Capri finds herself in trouble with her currect life she must flee in a hurry. Will she escape in time? Or will her past catch up with her? Will she get help from the boys? Or might it be too late?


3. "...Thank God he answered."

I went to answer it and when I did I couldn't believe who I saw.    *Liam's P.O.V* In the middle of me speaking the doorbell rang. Capri went to go answer it and when she did she yelled at whoever it was to leave, but they just came charging through and stopped when they saw me.    "Oh who's this little bitch you got cooking for you?!" he sneered angrily.    "Brad stop!" she said defending me.    "Who's this fella Capri?" I said confusedly.    "No one just my EX-boyfriend Brad."   "Oh so you're breaking up with me now babe? And I'm a nobody?" he said in rage, and I knew what was gonna happen next. He pulled out a pocket knife and tried to cut her. I threw my self at him and he dropped the knife, but  it landed on her foot. She let out a cry of pain. I looked over and saw her on the ground blood gushing out of her foot. Brad had pulled himself off the floor. He walked over to where Capri was laying and kicked her in the stomach, pulled the knife out of her foot causing her to cry out in pain, kicked one more time in the head and left the house. I found Capris' keys and picked her up. When we got outside I saw that Brad had slashes the tires. Oh my gosh what was I gonna do!? I called Louis since he was her in town also. Thank God he answered.    "Louis! Come quick! Capri's been stabbed in the foot and we have no way of getting to the hospital. The address is 690 Fondwood Lane."  He sounded a bit surprised by what I told him. We'd all been friends with her since 2012 and she'd been a great friend to all of us and never expected anything from us. It only took him a few minutes to get here. We immediately picked her up and laid her out in the back seat. We put on our seat belts and rushed off to the hospital. When we got there we called the others to let them know what happened and they told us they'd be there as soon as they could be.    *My P.O.V* When I woke up I was in a hospital bed without any memory of what'd happened. All I saw was Liam,Louis,Harry, Zayn and Niall sitting around me looking like they were waiting for something.    "What are all you guys doing here? And what the heck happened?" They seemed surprised when the all looked up and rushed over to me.    "CAPRIII! YOU'RE OKAY. OH MY GOSH I FELT SO BAD FOR..." his sentence trailed off and I raised an eyebrow at him.    "Felt so bad for what Liam?" I asked suspiciously. He didn't answer and he just looked at me. "Liam what did you feel bad for?" I asked again. He signaled for the others to leave and they did. He came closer.    "Well Capri it's kinda my fault you were stabbed in the foot." I looked down at my foot to see that it was wrapped and there was a blood stain on the bandage. "It's not that I stabbed you." he was explaining. "He was gonna stab you in the chest and-" I interrupted him.    "Who's 'him'?" I asked   "Brad your ex-boyfriend." he told me. Wait. What? I don't remember breaking up with Brad. "Anyways," he continued "he was gonna stab you in the chest and I couldn't let that happen," he said while making direct eye contact with me. "So I dove in and tried to push him away. When I did that the knife dropped and fell into your foot. When he was leaving he kicked you in the stomach then the head. And I just sat there in shock." he was beginning to cry.    "Liam it's fine. He probably would've stabbed you if you would've tried to stop him. I'm glad you're alive." I said with a weak smile.
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