Flying Hearts

When Capri finds herself in trouble with her currect life she must flee in a hurry. Will she escape in time? Or will her past catch up with her? Will she get help from the boys? Or might it be too late?


4. "...In the UK"

"But Capri, what if he'd killed you. I wouldn't be able to live with my self. I don't know why I didn't get up and do something about it. And when he was leaving he whispered something to me."   "What'd he say Liam? Tell me!" I was almost shouting.     "He said he'd be back..." I started to panic. I didn't know what to do and I couldn't  stay there. I had to leave as quick as I could.    "Liam, I can't stay there. He'll come back and probably kill me. He told me to never leave him!...Or else." I told Liam as I felt the tears fill my eyes.    "Capri you need to find somewhere to stay." he said stating to obvious.    *Liam's P.O.V* She couldn't stay there if he was gonna come after her. She needed somewhere to move to. Completely out of town. Out of state. Out of the country! "Capri you can stay with me and the boys!" I jumped up and shouted. A look of surprise and relief washed over her.    "Are you sure it's okay with the boys and management?" she asked.    *My P.O.V "Well I'm sure the boys won't have a problem with it and once I explain your situation to management they shouldn't have a problem with it." he said   Suddenly I felt excitement and pure happiness run throughout my body. I hopped up and then hit the ground. I had forgotten about my foot and with what I just did I twisted my ankle.    "OUCH!" I screeched. Liam ran over to help me up and the boys ran in after the doctor.    "What happened?!" asked the doctor. *Liam's P.O.V* "She was getting up to give me a hug and fell. She forgot about her foot and I think she twisted her ankle." I explained to the doctor. "Let's take a look, eh?" he said. "Well her foots bleeding again but we'll just bandage that up again and her ankle is indeed twisted. She'll need to be here for another day and'll be good to go tomorrow afternoon." he said with a  smile and left. I though this would be a good time to tell the boys about her staying with us in the UK. "Boys," I said to get their attention, "Capri's gonna be staying with us. You see her crazy ex-boyfriend swore to return for her and he just might kill her so we need to get her as far away from him as possible." they all chimed in with an "Okay!" "What about management?" Harry asked with a concerned look on his face. "Well I still need to call them, but I figured once they hear about her issue they'll agree to let her stay." I said reassuringly. After that I stepped out of the room for a few minutes to call them. "Hello" they answered. "Hey, umm I need a huge favor from you guys," I began. "Well what is it Liam?""See I have this friend and she has a very abusive ex-boyfriend that currently has her on the hospital and she left him but he swore to come back to finish off the job he started if you know what I mean." "Okay but what do you need from us?""She needs a place to stay because he knows where she lives and I NEED to get her as far away from him as possible!" I accidentally shouted that last part.  *My P.O.V* Liam was taking a long time on the phone with management. I hope they would yes because I have no other place to stay. Me and the boys were having a pretty good convo and then Liam walked in. The room went silent. "Well!" me and the boys said in unison to Liam. "Well they said you can stay," We all got excited and then he continued, only talking to the boys this time. "But boys we can't get distracted by her in the house, got it?" he asked sternly. "Got it!" they all replied. After that they all went back to my place to pack me a few things before leaving with them tomorrow. 
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