One of the Boys

When Joann was born all she wanted was to sing. Finally it was her turn her parents got her tickets to try out for the X Factor and since her mom just became a fashion designer for One Direction gets to go on tour with them. She falls for a mysterious guy outside the diner where she works. It all depends........ Who is It? And will she fall in love.........


3. Why'd You Take the Job

Zayn's POV

 "ZAYN!" I hear and sat up in bed and said "What. "JUST GET READY I WANT TO GO MEET OUR NEW FASHION DESIGNER!!!!"Louis yells in my ear. "OK OK," I tell him."Calm your carrots." And then I got ready. Simon came to pick us up and we were on our way. "I can't wait to meet Mrs. Styles." Louis is bouncing in his seat. Mrs. Styles ok deyja vu. We got to the house and knocked on the door." Hello boys" says a woman in about her thirties. " Hi  Aunt Megan!" Harry says. "AUNT!" The boys and I shout. " Wheres Jo?" he asks. "come in and let me get her. She goes to the flight of stairs and screams Jo come down no Jo showed. " Sorry for my language boys but Jo is so def when I want her, This will only take a sec. She goes back to the stairs and yells,"JOANN MAY STYLES YOU GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE AND MEET THE BOYS!!!!"  Wow i thought Louis was loud. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We stand up and say together," Hi, were-" " One Direction I know." She steals the words out of our mouth. " Hi Hazza," she says to harry. He replies," Whats shaken bacon?"  She smiles then says to her mom" What are they doing here?" " Well you see sweetie I'm now their new..."her mom drifts off.

Joann's POV

" Their new what mom?" I ask her. " Fashion designer." she tells me quietly. "WTH MOM!, I UNDER STAND THAT YOU WERE GETTING A JOB BUT WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!" " Sweetie listen," "NO YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE," I yelled at my mom,"HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF ME!! HOW I WANTED TO SPEND TIME WITH MY FRIENDS NOT TRAVELING THE GLOBE!!!!" I break off saying" I should've chose dad. " and ran out the door. My Mom starts  to come after me but Simon says he will have the boys look for me later.
I kept running until I reached the park.Then I sat down crying my eyes out. How could she so this to me. Just when I'm fitting in. I walk around to find a shady spot and sit their watching all of the families have fun. Feeling like I'm not invited. I get a txt from my mom saying that the boys were looking for me. I start to run again from the park straight into him.

Zayn's POV

We all went different ways. I went to the park but got knocked down a block or two away by Joann. I quickly pick myself and her up and hold her wrists to her sides."Why did you knock me down?" I ask her." Why were you in my way?"she spat back. Wow nice going Zayn. I thought to myself.  I take her back to the park." Why did you run?" I ask her. "Because I'm scared. Thats why I ran ok?" She looked into my eyes and I turned away. " Give me your phone" she tells me. "Why?"I ask feeling like a complete idiot.She want to give you her #. I hand over my phone and watch her put it in." Here take a pic for my profile," she says handing me my phone."k" i reply and SNAP. goes my camera. "I better take you back or there gonna kill me."I say helping her up.  We reached her house in about five minutes. Even though we just met I think I'm in love. Oh-no this isn't good.




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