One of the Boys

When Joann was born all she wanted was to sing. Finally it was her turn her parents got her tickets to try out for the X Factor and since her mom just became a fashion designer for One Direction gets to go on tour with them. She falls for a mysterious guy outside the diner where she works. It all depends........ Who is It? And will she fall in love.........


4. The Cheater

Joann's POV

 I hope Zayn didn't see me blushing as he led me home. Uggghh get a hold of yourself he doesn't like you that way. Anyway you have Jason. When we got back my mom ran over and hugged me and kept repeating I'm so sorry. I replied saying," It's ok." and ran upstairs calling Jason. Since he didn't answer  I decided to go to his house.

When I got to Jason's house I saw him on the couch kissing another. He looked up and saw me. I started to run and he came after me. " Jo wait," he said stopping me. "WHAT!''I yelled at him. "She made the first-" I cut him off,"move I know. " Please forgive me"Jason looked at me with pleading eyes. "Sorry Jason, but I don't date other people who kiss girls other than their girlfriends." I say that then turn away and run home. I get there to have 7 people staring at me. I run upstairs and lock the door. How could he do this today? I call my best mates:

Nani:Hey girl

Sophi: whats up

Me: Were over he was kissing another girl.

Nani and sophi: Were so sorry girl we wish we could come over but our manager said we need to go meet our new singer.

Me: OK I need to go Simon Cowell is going to introduce me into a new band.

We all said bye and I got ready. I put on a gray tank top with a hot pink tee over it, then I slipped on some skinny jeans and put pink toms on. I was ready. I walk down and Simon asks,"are you ready?" "Yea" I reply and were on our way.

    We get to the studio and I get surrounded by fans. I was rushed inside and told to sit in the lounge. I sat. Don't be nervous I kept telling myself. Simon came back and introduced me to my new band the girls took off their sunglasses and we just stared at each other. "Girls!" Simon snaps us back to reality," Introduce yourselves this is Joann."" Simon we know who she is she's our best friend,"Nani tells him. "Well you girls already know each other, so you know how well she sings." He says then leaves. We all scream and hug. This tour won't be so bad after all.


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