Unexpected Visit


7. will you go out with me

Haley POV

(HS-Harry Styles)



whats up

well haley i really like you i know we just met and all but will you go out with me (hs)

''Harry I will go out with you not because you are the HARRY STYLES but because you are not affraid to be yourself around me, anyother girl would be saying in her head omg harry styles is dating me ahhhh but no i am thinking how did i get ahold of such a sweet beautiful cheeky guy like you''(haley)

"thank you you cannot beleive how much that meant to me"(hs)

Calli POV

Hey niall


whatcha doing

looking at a beautiful girl wondering if she would be mine what about you

looking at the hottest guy ever wondering if he would want to go out with me

so i guess its settled


i cant believe i have such a  cute girl friend

i cant believe i have  such a cute boyfriend

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