Unexpected Visit


6. game

'hey so what should w do"(zayn)

'Uhh i heard abo this game when everyone grabs  note card then writes down a truth for cetain people  each person gets 1 notecard so 1 question  each person.(calli)

"cool i like it"NH

Me to"HS

aNd me 'ZM

yeah sounds cool " LP

so i guess lets play that"LT

" i will get pens(haley

i will get note cards(calli

*back and allcards written

so calli and i will read questions since we dont know your handwritting(haley)

Ok lets start(niall)


'ok the first one is for calli and i (haley)'

' if you had to pick a faveorite in the band who whould he be?'

''uhh Harry for me"(haley)


"oh really"niall and harry say at the same time while grinning

"next...harry and niall ...she put in parenthesis because they are both single..out of us two who would you pick or would you pick neither''
"i pick calli"(niall)


now calli and i have smiles plastered on our faces

"uhh next haha while we left we planned our questions so now it is why did you choose that person.


"oh umm 'cause you are cute and have a great sence of humor and love food"(niall)

"I said haley because you are beautiful and i love your smile AND you did not go crazy when you met us and lastly you seem to be an amazing person tht i want to get to know.(harry)

"awwww"(rest of boys"

*game over

Hey we are going to bed (liam zayn and louis)

"ok go to whatever room ya want"Haley



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